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EastEnders spoilers: Denise makes savage quip about murder as Janine arrives back

Next week, Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) is due to make a dramatic comeback to EastEnders, and all eyes will be on her.

In the aftermath of daughter Scarlett’s (Tabitha Byron) surprise reappearance last week, the soap icon returns to Walford.

After revealing Tommy Moon that Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) is his sister, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) puts her neck out for Scarlett in subsequent scenes.

She goes to the courts and tells the social worker that she wants to take care of the girl.

Janine, on the other hand, barges in and claims to have turned her life around. She then enters The Queen Vic, where she engages in a brawl with the patrons.

Janine takes a look around the pub’s décor before criticising Kat’s love of leopard print, according to a preview of the scene that aired on yesterday’s (September 1) edition of This Morning.

The audience reacts negatively to the villain, notably Denise Fox (Diane Parish), who is not delighted to see her return.


Kim Fox (Tameka Empson), on the other hand, is thrilled to see her old friend – so much so that she still refers to her as Janice!


Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams), who is also present, admires Janine’s shoes and declares that she would “murder” for them.

Denise responds, referring to the renowned schemer’s deadly background, “Probably how she got them!”

Meanwhile, Alison Hammond questioned actress Charlie about Janine’s chances of finding love.

Charlie said, ‘Oh, we’ll have to wait and see.’

‘You know, I think Janine’s most difficult task will be to discover love within herself before she can love anybody else, but it’ll be interesting to watch who she brushes shoulders with in the square.’

However, the actor revealed another juicy secret to Alison and Rochelle Humes, telling them, “There’s one night she spends with someone when she first gets back in,” but “I can’t say too much more about that.”

For a long time, fans had hoped that Janine would return.

EastEnders Executive Producer Jon Sen told, ‘She comes back as the character that we all know and love her as.’ ‘If we didn’t bring her back in all her splendour, we’d be stealing the audience!’

‘Janine is older, wiser, and has had more time to consider what she wants out of life. She’s spent time on the wild side and grew up on the square, as we’ve seen.

‘Right now, she’s figuring out what’s essential to her in life.’

‘She’s obviously got Scarlett, her kid, who’s in care, and that’s given her pause for thought, and who knows, maybe Janine’s maternal instinct has finally clicked?


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