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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity set to move on from Tane

This week on Australia’s Home and Away, Cash muses over his future, Felicity tentatively resumes dating, and the Surf Club may be spared thanks to an unexpected visitor.

The couple, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), made progress last week when Flick came to terms with the fact that their marriage was truly gone during a conversation. After Tane had walked out on Flick for continuing to take the pill while trying for a baby, Flick had been expecting for a reconciliation, but Tane had made it obvious that there was no path ahead for them.

Tane acknowledged that he had misled Flick when he had said he wouldn’t be angry with her if she decided not to have children. Tane believes that their marriage would eventually collapse because he now recognises that he probably would have started to feel bitter about living without children after all.

While Tane foolishly tried to move on by giving Harper (Jessica Redmayne) a kiss, Flick removed her rings and packed away her wedding picture.

This week, Flick receives advice from Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) to put herself out there and resume dating. Flick consents to do so, but she finds it difficult to move on.

“There has been a significant learning curve,” Jacqui said to TV Week. “Now is the right moment for Flick to take a step back and figure out her true desires.”

A dashing newcomer enters Salt, strikes up a conversation, and gives Flick his number. Xander (Luke Van Os), who has seen their exchanges, gives Flick more encouragement by advising her to give the guy a call.

However, Flick tries to ring, but she is instantly overcome with panic and hangs up. She starts having a full-blown panic attack, and Xander has to step in to stop her.

Is there any possibility that Flick will be able to move on soon, given that it has been less than eight months since the stranger attacked her?

As Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is suspended from the police department for aiding “fugitive” Dana (Ally Harris), the day of his review eventually arrives.

Cash began to doubt if he even wanted to be a part of such an institution after the force chose to make an example of Dana, even though Dana was ultimately proved to be innocent and a victim of police corruption.

But he tells Eden that things didn’t go as planned when he gets back from the hearing in the city. His supervisors are open to allowing him to rejoin the force, but only with limited responsibilities.

Considered a great affront, Cash chooses not to comply with their demands.

Nicholas Cartwright told TV Week that “Cash has moments where he questions himself and isn’t sure he’s made the right choices.”

Is Cash going to start looking for work soon?

This week as well, Dana turns to deceit after learning that the surf club is having problems.

Is it really so easy for the committee members to get upset with president Alf (Ray Meagher) for going above and above their wishes to have John back in charge of the surf club?

After John offended bronze medal student Banjo Henderson (Michael Cameron), whom he had given the nickname “Man Bun,” he was suspended.

Regretfully, it was revealed that Banjo’s father was Simon Henderson (James Lugton), the proprietor of Yabbie Creek Real Estate and a significant club sponsor.

Despite John calling Banjo to apologise after filing a formal complaint—an apology that Banjo accepted—dad Simon refused to back down and threatened to revoke his sponsorship if John kept working at the club.

After he granted John his job back and disregarded Simon’s ultimatum, Alf quickly discovered that committee members were quitting. Alf learned last week that the club secretary had also turned in his notice, which was regrettable despite Roo’s (Georgie Parker) best attempts to court and dine each member in an attempt to persuade them to continue on.

The surf club no longer had the necessary quorum to function because four members had left.

“No management, no club,” Alf said to Marilyn, his countenance serious.

Marilyn said, “Oh, that’s really sad, Mr. Stewart.” “Summer Bay would not be the same without lifesavers.”

“Michelle, neither can I,” Alf answered.

In this week’s teaser for the upcoming episode, Banjo and Dana are completing their bronze medallion course when Alf approaches John on the beach.

Alf says of Banjo, “I’m glad he’s not like his old man,” as he tells John the truth about the club secretary.

Dana overhears Banjo discussing the situation the club is in and he gives some really intriguing facts.

He says, “A few committee members have stopped by the house to see dad.”

Later on, Dana is seen recounting her chat with Roo (Georgie Parker), and it is revealed that Banjo witnessed his father giving one of those members a sizable bundle of cash! Is Simon buying off the committee members so that they will step down and the surf club would collapse as a whole?

The next time we see Banjo, he and Dana (Kirsty Marillier) are at the Yabbie Creek Police Station, where Banjo appears to have been called unexpectedly.

“It’s why I’m here,” he asks Rose, turning to face her after telling her in privacy. Do you want me to report my father? That’s not fair to do to him.

Dana tries to clarify, saying, “We were really desperate,” but Banjo cuts her off.

He tells her, “I told you I didn’t want to get involved.”

However, Banjo seems to be given some food for thought when Dana inquires as to whether he supports what the club stands for as a member.

Will Banjo ultimately prove to be the Summer Bay Surf Lifesaving Club’s rescuer by making the right decision?


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