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Home and Away star Angelina Thomson shares pride over emotional Kirby scene

Actress Angelina Thomson of Kirby Aramoana is incredibly pleased of herself for singing a spiritual Cook Island song on the television show Home and Away.

In a forthcoming episode from the UK, Kirby sits by Remi Carter’s bedside as he battles for his life in the hospital following a motorcycle accident. She sings in her native tongue, hoping to give him courage.

Yesterday, January 16, Thomson shared a video of the captivating sequence on Instagram. The lengthy description of the post read, “This is one of the proudest and most vulnerable moments I’ve had on @homeandaway so far… At least thus far in my career.

“I didn’t speak Cook Island Māori fluently growing up, but I can understand more than I can speak. Although my mother played Cook Island music in the car and taught me the hula, I never really tried to learn the language when I was younger. I did, however, listen to her speak the Reo. I’m sure that a lot of people who are multiracial feel the same remorse that I do right now.

The soap actress said, “I was so nervous to shoot this scene because of this.” “The acting or singing wasn’t the main focus… I was afraid I would mispronounce the words or mispronounce them.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt more exposed on stage than I did today. Rather than donning more layers to become a character, it seemed as though I was peeling them off to reveal more of Angelina. It seemed significant. To the plot. to my cultural background. To me now, as a mixed-race lady. Angelina was too young to witness that on television or in movies. To upcoming Polynesian children who envision themselves.”

Because she is “certain there are so many other biracial/mixed folks who understand the feeling of displacement around language,” Thomson decided to bring this out in public. or even the embarrassment of mispronouncing what you do know.

It might be quite a bit. I get it,” she continued. “I’m sure I will always have a lot more to learn about my lovely Cook Island culture. But I’m eager to go on this adventure! I am incredibly happy to be able to represent Polynesia and the Cook Islands in this way.”


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