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Inside Home and Away’s Shane Withington’s incredible house with gorgeous views away from John Palmer role

Shane Withington is most known for his long-running role in Home and Away as John Palmer.

Away from the drama, the actor has an exquisite home with his wife and former co-star Anne Tenney.

The house has a modern kitchen and a large living area, but the back deck is the house’s most stunning feature.

The actor’s living room has sand-colored tiles and a large beige carpet with fringe, as well as a smaller red rug with fringe.

By the wide windows and back deck doors, there’s also a comfortable-looking couch topped with multiple cushions.

Shane has two small stools and a wooden box with metal side handles in place of a coffee table. Next to the couch is a side table with a tall green plant on top.

The kitchen of the Home and Away star features a cream marble island, a massive stainless steel industrial-style oven and cooker, and a white tile backsplash.

The white cabinets are paired with dark-stained oak counters that are adorned with a variety of kitchen trinkets.

He has a spacious dark brown wood back terrace that overlooks a lush forested area.

Shane likes to set up shop at his outdoor table, which is covered in a pistachio-colored blanket, and it’s the ideal spot for reading his scripts.

Plant pots and an assortment of wicker and collapsible chairs ensure that there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

The modern kitchen of Shane Withington

Shane’s open living area has a young kangaroo.

Shane’s deck had just been waxed.

Shane’s deck features numerous lounging spaces from which to take in the breathtaking views.

Birds in the vicinity stop at Shane’s deck.


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