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Home and Away to revisit Marilyn’s big storyline after Summer Bay return

On UK televisions next week, Marilyn Chambers of Home and Away seeks additional assistance from Dr Logan Bennett.

Marilyn seeks explanations from Logan, fearful that she is relapsing since her return to Summer Bay.

Marilyn’s demeanour changed earlier this year as a result of her involvement in the gas assault at Salt.

She later took a break from the Bay, and when she returned, she appeared to be back to her former self.

Marilyn surprises her friend Roo Stewart in next week’s shows on Channel 5 by constantly snapping at her.

When Roo notices Marilyn dumping plates at the Diner, she begins to question if her troubles are more serious than a foul mood.

When Roo witnesses Marilyn rummaging through a bin at the trailer site for no apparent reason, her suspicions are reinforced.

When Roo suggests that Marilyn might be having a relapse, Marilyn becomes defensive. She reluctantly agrees to meet Logan at Mackenzie Booth’s apartment, but she doesn’t take the encounter seriously enough, making reasons to depart nearly immediately.

Irene Roberts steps in and takes a new approach when Marilyn loses patience with Roo’s constant concern.

Marilyn is invited to supper by Irene, who offers to merely listen to her issues.

Marilyn finally opens up about her challenging position before returning to visit Logan for the second time.

Marilyn is told by Logan that she shouldn’t be concerned because she could only need to modify her prescription.

Marilyn says that she hasn’t been taking her medication at all since she tossed it out when she became ashamed about her need for it.

Will Logan be able to provide Marilyn with the assistance she requires?


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