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Home and Away Spoilers – Leah calls off her wedding to Justin

As Leah’s nightmares get worse this week on Home and Away in Australia, she surprises Justin by calling off their wedding!

After their abduction ordeal, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) appeared to be making progress towards her recovery when she suffered a significant setback that may jeopardise her engagement to Justin (James Stewart).

Members of Vita Nova recently abandoned the two of them in an abandoned factory, leaving Justin with a pierced lung and fractured ribs following a botched escape attempt.

By the time Leah managed to break away and sound the alarm to send Justin to Northern Districts Hospital, the damage to his body had gotten so terrible that any attempt at healing would have been too dangerous.

Even so, Bree (Juliet Godwin) was forced to operate when Justin’s health worsened, leaving him in cardiac failure and Leah with a warning to say her final goodbyes.

Even though Justin eventually recovered miraculously, he was still in danger when a member of Vita Nova impersonated hospital personnel and attempted suicide once more.

Leah has been experiencing nightmares of being trapped back in the factory with Justin as a result of the terrible past several weeks. She’s become terrified of falling asleep at all, and her lack of sleep is already affecting her attention and mood.


Leah tried to ask Bree for assistance, thinking that she would just need some sleeping pills, but Bree scared her away by reminding her that this wouldn’t address the fundamental problem.

Leah finally opened up about what she had been going through when she experienced a flashback one evening as she was waiting for Justin to pick her up. When Leah fell asleep in his arms, Justin’s invitation to stay up late with her seemed to have the desired effect. It had been weeks since Leah had slept soundly, so she was feeling rejuvenated the following morning.

But after just a few days, it appears like things are back to square one. After last week’s shows concluded, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) called Justin with alarming news regarding Leah, who had gone to lunch with Theo’s mother Cassandra. We heard Justin ask, visibly shaken, “Is Leah okay?”

We find out this week that Leah was in an accident. When Justin gets to the hospital, Rose is getting ready to breathalyse Leah in a cubicle. Leah replies that she’s not sure what happened as Justin inquires.

As they continue to look for the accident’s cause, Rose begs Justin to wait outside. However, as TV Week notes, Leah is compelled to acknowledge what she believes to be true when the results of the breathalyser test are evident. She drove a red light after dozing off while operating her vehicle!

When Justin pursues Leah for additional information about what she’s going through, she finally tells him she’s alright and that they can stop talking about it.

Leah snaps at Justin, saying that even if he is cured, she is the one who is still in pain, as shown in a preview for this week’s episodes.

“Every time I close my eyes, I see you there, dying, and I can’t sleep.” She yells.

Justin is having a hard time understanding why Leah is so upset with him as he follows her to work. He yells, “It seems like you hold me responsible for everything we experienced,” but Leah tells him to go.

As he explains that Leah isn’t doing well, Justin looks to Alf (Ray Meagher) for guidance, worried that he may be contributing to the issue.

Upon her return from work, Leah surprises Justin with a shocking revelation.

Leah tells Justin, “I have to walk around the wedding,” while holding his hand. “We should put it off.”

“Up to when?” Justin queries.

“I’m not sure,” she answers. “I simply cannot get married until I address my personal issues.”

In the teaser, Leah looks to be having trouble responding when Justin later asks her to explain that they are still planning to be married and that she isn’t calling it off entirely.

Realising she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Justin, Leah had proposed to him as he lay dying in the workshop.

“Leah never thought she wanted to marry again,” Ada told TV Week. “She really liked the relationship she and Justin had – but something tragic like this makes you reassess everything.”

In a recent episode, the couple eventually decided on a Valentine’s Day date, but will Leah’s difficulties become too much for them to handle?


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