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Home & Away star shares diagnosis after cruel trolling

Star of Home & Away Kyle Shilling appeared to feel pressured to disclose a medical diagnosis following audience trolling.

The famous soap opera star Shilling, who plays Mali, came to Instagram on Friday in response to trolling regarding his online persona.

Upon witnessing him in a recent episode, a few viewers voiced their disapproval with Shilling’s facial hair.

One person commented, “I wish Mali would shave his beard line all the way up his jaw instead of halfway up; it takes up all of my screen time.” quite annoying.

Another person remarked, “Thanks, that’s all I’m going to see now too.”

Shilling felt obliged to respond to the comments and disclose that he had received a recent diagnosis of an autoimmune illness.

For all the fans of Home and Away who are whining about the length of my beard. I was just diagnosed with alopecia in the area of my beard, primarily my neck,” the actor posted on Instagram.


The exact aetiology of alopecia remains a mystery to medical professionals, but the majority of them think that both hereditary and environmental factors may be at play.

Stress can contribute to alopecia, a disorder that causes hair loss. The makeup artists at Home and Away try their hardest to hide my newfound “insecurity.” It’s what it is for the time being, but it should grow back someday,” he said.

“It might be much worse,” he remarked. “I’m just trying to raise awareness about alopecia so that people know what it is.”

Early in 2023, Kyle became a member of the Home and Away cast when he was cast as surfer Mali Hudson. Mali, a buddy of River Boy Dean Thompson, moved to Summer Bay and now owns and operates the surf store there.

Fans of the programme have come to love him, and he was featured in some exciting moments earlier this year where a bomb went off in the Bay.

Channel 7 and 7plus air Home and Away from Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m.


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