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Sam Frost’s surprise Home & Away reunion!

After taking part in a small Home & Away reunion, Sam Frost has pleased her fans.

Sam, who portrayed Jasmine Delaney on the programme, has reunited with former co-star Lynne McGranger two months after Channel Seven said she would be departing Summer Bay for forever.

Lynne (who plays Irene Roberts) took to Instagram to chronicle the wonderful encounter, sharing a beautiful selfie of herself and Sam after unexpectedly running into the actress.

“When you’re out for a cheeky walk between scenes and happen to run into a stunning pal. It’s great to see you again, @fro01 🥰💖👏🏼💞😘,”Lynne added a caption to the photo.

Sam, who was equally pleased to see an old coworker, was quick to leave a remark on the post, writing: “What a lovely surprise!!! ❤️ You’ve brightened my day! xxxxx”

Taking a trip down memory lane even further, the former Bachelor star shared a behind-the-scenes blooper from her time on Home & Away on her own Instagram.

Sam’s character Jasmine is climbing up the dunes to approach Ditch Davey and Penny McNamee’s characters (Christian Green and Tori Morgan) in the video (see above), but she trips and bursts out laughing.

“I was looking through my camera roll for H&A vids and stumbled across this gem.. such an idiot 🤦🏼‍♀️, genuinely the clumsiest person on the planet!” The footage was captioned by Sam.

“Also, @ditchdaveyofficial’s reaction is hilarious 😂. #homeandaway @homeandaway #bloopers @penny.mcnamee I miss laughing with the group, it’s so much fun 🎬”

The video quickly became a source of humour for Sam’s pals.

Ditch Davey was particularly amused by the experience, writing on Twitter, “One of my all time favourite memories, from one of my all time favourite people!!! @fro01 🤣🤣🤣.”

Sam’s exit from Home & Away came two months after she received controversy for expressing her views on the COVID vaccine in an Instagram video that has since been deleted.

“I was really worried about shooting a video or even speaking up about this sort of issue,” Sam said in the video. “But I feel like the world is coming to a place today where there’s a lot of segregation.”

She continued: “There’s a lot of harsh criticism and opinions being tossed around a lot and it’s taking its toll on my mental health, for sure, and I know people around me are struggling – particularly if they’re on the side that they don’t want to get vaccinated, for whatever reason.

“There are many different reasons why people don’t get vaccinated, and it might be due to their medical history, their worries, their family history, or religious beliefs.”

Following the reaction, Sam revealed she would be taking a break from Home & Away for a procedure, stating that she wouldn’t be completely immunised until mid- to late-February.

Channel Seven revealed a month later that the actress had decided to depart the soap permanently. Her departure is not thought to be tied to the network’s vaccine policy.


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