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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos punched in new row over Lyrik

Theo Poulos of Home and Away is about to get punched repeatedly for his band Lyrik.

In scenes that will premiere in the UK next week, Justin tries to assist Theo in getting back on his feet following Kirby’s departure from Lyrik, which caused the band to break up.

In an attempt to land Theo a solo deal, Justin sets up a business dinner meeting between Theo and Kirby’s new manager, Forrest.

Remi and Bree, who are celebrating their new living arrangement, go out to dinner at Salt and are taken aback to find Theo with Forrest.

Impressed, Forrest returns to the Morgan residence to see Theo perform, but Leah worries and tells Justin that they ought to have alerted Lyrik’s other members before setting up the meeting.

Remi punches his bandmate in front of Bree during a fight with Theo, confirming Leah’s suspicions.

Theo astonishes his bandmate by disclosing that he declined a solo deal, stating that he still has faith in the group.


However, Bree finds Remi’s aggressive actions to be excessive, as it reminds her of her violent former partner, and she ends their relationship.

Will Bree be able to put Remi’s acts behind her?


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