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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity lies to Tane over baby plans

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Felicity goes over and beyond to stop Tane from ever being her family’s father, just days after she agreed to do so.

From the beginning, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) made it very evident to Tane (Ethan Browne) that having children was not something she wanted or saw herself doing.

Tane, a family man, had always wanted them, but he told Flick that she was enough for him and that his love for her were more important.

After a short period, the couple gets married—albeit on their second try—and appears to be enjoying a happy marriage.

Tane reasoned that Felicity might also alter her mind about other matters since she had originally expressed no desire to get married and the fact that he persuaded her to walk down the aisle.

He therefore asked her a few weeks ago if she would think twice about having a family with him.

She panicked out and fled away in typical Felicity fashion, but she ultimately returned and said that she still didn’t want children. She also reminded Tane that he had told her that she was enough for him.

Tane had no choice but to face the possibility that his wife would never change her mind and move on with his life.

But last week, as Tane got wasted with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and newbie Harper (Jessica Redmayne), it became evident to both of them that Tane wasn’t feeling well, and the idea of growing up without children was weighing heavily on him.

After Cash alerted Flick to her boyfriend’s emotional state, Flick realised there was only one thing she could do to make things right: get him a baby!

Tane was naturally perplexed by Felicity’s abrupt change of heart, but she reassured him that she could decide not to have a family if she could decide not to be married.

Tane is prepared to give it a go this week, and the two carry out their own specialities.

The only issue is that Felicity is ruining their plans and didn’t mean what she said. TV Week claims that she is still taking her contraceptive pill covertly, which means Tane is completely unaware of the extremely slim probability of her getting pregnant!

How much longer can she continue to tell lies, and what will Tane’s reaction be when the inevitable truth comes out?

The effects of Harper’s arrest and Irene (Lynne McGranger) are still being felt by the people of Summer Bay this week.

Rose (Kirsty Marillier) arrested Irene in the middle of the diner last week, only a few days after telling her that things were getting better. Harper was also taken into custody, and the two were taken to the police station in Northern Districts to undergo more interrogation.

As the gravity of the situation set in, Rose was unable to get them before the magistrate that day, and they both had to spend the night in the cells.

Dana (Ally Harris), the alleged fugitive they had been sheltering, was now free, but they both risked jail time for concealing her. Cash’s situation was also not improving; he had been placed on leave while an enquiry was conducted into his activities, even if they had resulted in the arrest of shady police officer Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky).

This week, Irene and Harper are allowed to leave after appearing in court and speaking with the magistrate. Before their upcoming court appearance, Harper follows the advice to hire attorneys, but Irene does nothing for days.

John worries more and more that Irene has given up and that things could get much, much worse because she won’t hire an attorney.

Irene, Harper, and Dana’s upcoming court appearances have been known about for some time due to a post made by Shane Withington on X (Twitter).

He uploaded a video of the three of them—including, it seemed, John—filming court scenes at an undisclosed location back in mid-June.

via X/Twitter’s Shane Withington

One of the actors wearing magistrate robes was seen conversing with Shane, Lynne, Jessica, and Ally in a fleeting moment captured in the short film featuring the cast and crew on site.

via X/Twitter’s Shane Withington

However, the question of whether Irene and Harper will serve jail time still stands.


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