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Home and Away’s Logan Bennett sparks suspicion as death fallout continues

Logan Bennett’s massive new tale has continued on Australian televisions.

Logan may be responsible for a fatal vehicle crash in the Bay.

Logan hit another car this month. Millie, the other driver, survived, but her companion Jo, a passenger, perished at the site.

Logan has been advised he may have been speeding and that Jo’s death may have been his fault.

Logan confided in Jasmine Delaney in Monday’s (May 16) show on Channel 7 in Australia.

Though his memory is foggy, Logan claims all evidence leads to him as the culprit, and that he may be charged by the authorities.

Later, Logan abused his position as ED Head at Northern Districts Hospital to question Millie, a patient.

Logan tried to find out what Millie remembered about the crash, but Xander, Jasmine’s brother, interrupted him.

Xander warned Logan to stop bothering Millie. Later, he told Jasmine what he’d seen, sensing something odd.

Jasmine told Xander that Logan is under investigation but asked him to keep it quiet.

How far will Logan go to clear his name, and is he truly to blame?

Channel 5 will air these scenes in late June.


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