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Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou on Theo’s past being revealed

Ada Nicodemou spoke to Digital Spy about Theo Poulos’ troubling past.

Ada’s character Leah Patterson discovers her nephew was abused in this week’s Channel 5 programmes.

Theo told John Palmer that his father was violent when he was a child.

John tells Leah and Justin Morgan about Theo’s past in upcoming Channel 5 sequences.

Ada told Digital Spy: “Leah is upset for Theo. She’s Theo’s guardian.

“Leah is ashamed a family member did it. She feels guilty because she didn’t see and halt the behaviour.

Leah says she should have seen signals and could have protected Theo if she had.


Ada continued: “Leah will sever ties with Dimitri.

“It’s a chance for Theo to open out to Leah and Justin and let us support him and show him a good family unit.

“It’s been amazing witnessing Justin and Theo’s connection bloom and having a positive male role model in his life.”

Ada also acknowledged the difficulties of studying such distressing topics.

said: “The storyline was difficult, as was the subject matter. You can’t help but feel protective of Theo. Matt [Evans, who plays Theo] did a terrific job with the emotional plot.

“Matt’s amazing. It allows the spectator to see Theo from a different perspective.

“Watch the family grow and encourage Theo through his dad’s challenges. They’re closer than ever. Justin’s embrace of her family makes Leah love him more.”


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