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Home and Away spoilers – Remi and Eden change confirmed

The closest of friends agree to establish limits.

There are spoilers for Australian episodes of Home and Away that some UK viewers may want to avoid.

Eden Fowler of Home and Away has agreed to change her friendship with Remi Carter in response to complaints made by her lover Cash Newman.

In recent Australian-paced episodes, Eden and Cash officially became a couple, but conflicts over Remi have presented a new challenge for their relationship.

After overhearing Remi making fun of Eden last week for receiving a romantic gift from the Summer Bay cop, Cash become aloof and awkward.

Eden worried that Remi’s critical remarks had hurt Cash, so she gave him instructions to apologies.

Remi was astonished to learn that Cash’s irritation was brought on by another problem entirely—the physical nature of his friendship with Eden—when he complied.

“Last night I walked in on my girlfriend sitting on your lap,” Cash said Remi. You two are close friends who finish each other’s dinners and sleep in one other’s beds. seated in each other’s laps, friends.

Naturally, I didn’t have a problem with that before [me and Eden] started dating, but I do now.

Remi first dismissed Cash’s worries, believing that their tight connection has always been platonic.

But as Eden noted that Bree Cameron, Remi’s own love interest, would have a similar lack of confidence in the future, the Lyrik bandmates decided it was time to change.

Remi is my best friend in the entire world, and nothing can ever change that, Eden later said to Cash. I tell him everything since he has been my rock for a very long time, and friendships like that don’t happen very frequently. He is really significant to me.

But now that you’re in my universe, Remi and I need some boundaries. Please understand that I’m not doing this because you asked me to; rather, I’m doing it because I believe it to be right.

Can Eden and Remi handle this shift in their relationship?

In May, Channel 5 will air these sequences for Home and Away viewers in the UK.


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