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Home and Away Star James Stewart and His Daughter Scout on their Father-Daughter Bond

Not only is Scout Stewart, 11, gifted with her father James Stewart’s excellent features, but she also has an easygoing personality and a quiet confidence that defies her young age.

As they joke about in the WHO studios for this exclusive shot and speak ahead of a special Father’s Day spent together, their close-knit relationship and love for one another is clear to everybody. Like father, like daughter, they say.

What, then, is the nicest aspect of being Scout’s father, James?

James: The hug I get at the end of the day when I return home.

And how do you believe becoming a parent has altered you?

James: I’m a better man because of it, without a doubt. I’m lot more protective and caring, more kind, patient, attentive, involved, and passionate about life. I’ve become more loving, though, by far. I make sure to be present every night when Scout goes to bed so I can tell her I love her. I make sure she hears “Daddy loves you” spoken to her.
What characteristics do you think he has that make him a good father, Scout?

Scout: My dad has always been a wonderful father. He also has a positive outlook on life and a sense of humour. He makes others smile and laugh.

Can you give me an example of a time when he came through for you?

Scout: He helps me every day, so there isn’t really a particular instance that I can share with you, but if I had to pick something, it would be him giving advice on how to make the best decisions and being the first person I turn to in challenging circumstances.

What features of Scout do you admire the most?

James: If I had to pick just three things, I guess it would be her love for her family, her joy in all she does, and her capacity to pose difficult questions and engage in difficult conversations.

James, are you liking the way your relationship is evolving as Scout becomes older and more mature?

James: Without a doubt! It brings me great joy to watch Scout mature and accomplish all of life’s lovely milestones. Her first cry and breath, her first walk, her first time saying “Dada,” her reaction to music, art, dancing, and storytelling, learning to compete, her first time really looking up at me and understanding who I was… She is learning how to fall and then get back up. These amazing things that exist in life. It is such a thrill to be a part of Scout gaining her independence and evolving from a newborn girl who needs to be carried to a young woman walking alongside me. I consider it an honour to be Scout’s father.

The adolescent years are quickly approaching. James, does that make you anxious?

James: I imagine all fathers experience some anxiety as their girls approach puberty (laughter). However, I’m also quite happy for her. She will get stronger, wiser, and nicer as she matures, but I’m sure there will be some trying times. She will, however, also encounter her first love. What a momentous day that will be for her. I’m not alone either. Sarah [Roberts], Scout’s stepmother, has supported Scout in the same way that I have in order to help her grow from a young girl into a young lady. When Scout has a question she doesn’t want to discuss right away with me, she asks Sarah. Without Sarah, I wouldn’t be the kind of father I am.

Dads can occasionally be humiliating. Are you ever embarrassed by him?

Scout: He’ll sometimes tell me humiliating tales from when I was young, but we just laugh at how ridiculous they are. He frequently makes jokes, and it can be hilarious to see him in humiliating situations.

What activities do you two enjoy doing together?

Scout: We enjoy spending time together and watching TV shows like The Mandalorian and Modern Family. Dad and I enjoy listening to new songs that we discover and discussing why we like them, although our musical tastes are not entirely the same.

James: Scout and I do everything, aside from school. We enjoy taking Sarah to the beach. We all like to eat out occasionally or remain home and prepare healthy meals; personally, I prefer the latter. We all eat dinner together at home while chatting, laughing, and exchanging information about our days.


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