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Home and Away’s Leah Patterson seeks help from Justin Morgan in emotional scenes

Leah Patterson of Home and Away would at last confide in her partner Justin Morgan the following week after having so many nightmares about her experience with Vita Nova that she broke down.

Leah and Justin have been finding it difficult to go back to normal after the horrific cult kidnapping they went through, especially after Justin gets attacked in the hospital.

Scenes from the show, which aired in Australia earlier, will appear on Channel 5 in the UK the following week. In them, Justin confronts his fiancée after learning that she has been studying insomnia and night terrors.

Leah acknowledges that since everything with Vita Nova, she has been having some difficult nights of restless sleep. Leah agrees when Justin begs her to talk to him about her anxieties going forward, and they part ways to go to work.

Leah is standing outside in the parking lot after a long shift when she suddenly remembers the kidnapping incident from when she was a child. Leah says she can’t stop having nightmares since she started having them, and Justin hurriedly gets out of the car and goes to her side.

Leah eventually admits to Justin—through tears—that she might need some assistance.

Together, the couple works through Leah’s recent nightmares, and Justin reassures her that he will always be there for her.

Leah acknowledges that she’s been looking for sleeping pills because every time she shuts her eyes, she feels like she’s back in the abandoned factory. Leah is held by a sympathetic Justin, and she falls asleep in his arms.

Leah sleeps through the whole night, and the couple decides to take advantage of the good vibes and get back to work on wedding preparations. They quickly decide that Valentine’s Day would be the ideal day for the wedding.

Will everything go as planned for their wedding, or might things go wrong before they reach the altar?


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