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Home and Away’s Tane Parata devastates Felicity Newman by moving on

In forthcoming scenes from Home and Away, Felicity Newman will be distraught by her estranged husband Tane Parata’s decision to move on.

After Tane found out that Felicity had been lying to him about wanting a family while still using birth control pills, the couple’s marriage fell apart. Tane was devastated to learn of the betrayal and vowed never to forgive his wife again.

In scenes that the UK will see next week, Felicity finds it difficult to deal with Tane moving on and having an affair with another lady.

Further tension is created between Mackenzie Booth and Felicity as a result of his activities. Felicity, who is still barred from seeing Tane, views Mackenzie’s promise to give him a place to stay as a betrayal.

After their argument breaks out in front of the patrons at Salt, Felicity storms away. She later apologises to Mackenzie for her outburst and leaves Tane’s wedding ring there as a symbol of her desire for their union.

But Tane declines the ring and says he’s sorry to Mackenzie for including her in the dispute.

Felicity keeps trying to get in touch with Tane the following day, and after sending him a tonne of SMS, the gym owner blocks her number and throws away his wedding ring.

Later on, when Tane confesses that he still loves Felicity but still hates her, Mali makes an effort to help him get through the breakup.

Mali disapproves, but he goes out one night, desperate to get his wife out of his system, and ends up having a one-night encounter.

Felicity, meantime, keeps trying in vain to get through to Tane; she was turned away at Mackenzie’s door after knocking in the middle of the night and pleading to talk to her husband.

Felicity’s sorrow further deepens when she subsequently overhears Cash and Eden conversing, discovering that Mackenzie had informed Cash that she knew Tane had been having affairs.

Felicity confronts Mackenzie at Salt because she is upset with her friend for concealing secrets, and during their conversation, Mack passes out from chest pain.

Has Mac suffered a heart attack as a result of Felicity’s anger?


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