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Neighbours’ Terese makes a surprising new Melanie discovery

Next week, Neighbours fans will witness mayhem as Melanie Pearson’s most recent deception causes Terese Willis to worry that the Ramsay Street favourite is being duped.

When Melanie’s alleged boyfriend starts seeing someone else, her choice to lie to everyone about her romantic status becomes problematic.

Melanie will set up a date with Santo Oliveira, the fruit supplier for her Drinks Divas truck, in upcoming episodes.

After a disastrous first date, Melanie says no to a follow-up. She lies, meanwhile, saying everything is great with Santo when her neighbours and friends become overly excited about her apparent return to happiness.

Next week, Terese Willis and Toadie Rebecchi are both present when Melanie talks animatedly about Santo. If her ex-husband Toadie thinks she’s in a happy new relationship, she hopes he will stop feeling sorry for her.

Melanie feels bad about her continued deception as Holly Hoyland and Karl Kennedy give up their important time to console her about her made-up “second date.”

Karl also gets a call from Terese, who confesses that knowing Melanie is getting along so well with Santo has made her feel less bad about her happiness with Toadie.

But Terese is quickly startled when she discovers Santo out on a date with Vera Punt. Instead of realising that Melanie is lying, she believes Santo is being disloyal.When Terese checks in with Melanie again, she ‘confirms’ that her relationship with Santo is already exclusive and that they are meant to be, which just makes Terese more concerned.

Terese decides not to tell Melanie about Vera because she will profit from her distraction from Santo, but will the truth eventually come to light?

These scenes will be aired on Monday, January 29 on Neighbours.


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