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Why is Home and Away not on? The reason it’s not on TV today

Do you wonder why Home and Away isn’t on right now? Here is why

Fans of the Australian soap opera Home and Away are now questioning why Home and Away isn’t airing after hearing about Neighbours’ return(opens in new tab).

The popular, long-running programme, which will mark its 35th anniversary on January 17, 2023, is typically broadcast on My5 and Channel 5 in the UK on weeknights, but in recent days the most recent episode has been surprisingly missing from screens.

We’ll look at why and everything you need to know about the show’s future as we replace the new episodes, which were filmed in Palm Beach, Sydney, New South Wales, and Redfern, with Home and Away Classic episodes.

Why doesn’t Home and Away air?
Because the soap opera is taking its customary Christmas hiatus to make room for the network’s Christmas movies before celebrating its 35th anniversary, there are no new episodes of Home and Away airing on Channel 5. The television network has chosen to air Home and Away Classics: The 35th anniversary celebration of the renowned soap will start on Monday, November 21. “An iconic episode from each of the years Home and Away has been on air will drop every weekday, starting right at the beginning with the 1988 pilot,” the show wrote on its Instagram.

In 2022, will Home and Away be on hiatus?
Yes, Home and Away will take its yearly Christmas break beginning on November 21. This will allow its broadcaster, Channel 5, to air Christmas movies in the lead-up to the holiday season.

Due to the fact that Home and Away is typically only commissioned for a limited number of episodes per year—usually around 230—it takes a break in the UK and Australia.

If the show airs five episodes a week, this translates to 46 weeks’ worth of Summer Bay drama.

Additionally, since there are 52 weeks in a year, the show is suspended for six weeks.

Has a break been called for Home and Away?
Yes, Home and Away has taken a break from Channel 5, but My5 is celebrating the soap’s 35th anniversary by airing vintage episodes that aren’t available on the streaming service. Fans can watch episodes featuring Tom and Pippa Fletcher, who fostered five kids after discovering they couldn’t have their own children. The kids were intended for the government to seize. They consequently downsized and acquired a dilapidated campground in Summer Bay.

Why does Home and Away have to end?
Despite worries from fans that the programme would be cancelled like Neighbours was earlier this year until its sensational return was announced, Home and Away will only ending for a few weeks.

The head of programming for Channel 5 at the time of Neighbour’s final episode said: “No. However, I think it will be intriguing to observe how we use it as we advance. There may be another location on the 5 spectrum where it belongs.

However, because of the life-of-series agreement, nothing will change until the producers decide to halt production.

The final UK episode of the year finishes on a dramatic cliffhanger, suggesting that Channel 5 executives closely collaborated with the Home and Away staff in Australia in preparation for the planned break.

This also happened the year before, when the Salt gas poisoning tragedy was covered in the year’s last Channel 5 episode.

When will the UK season of Home and Away premiere?
Home and Away is anticipated to return in the UK in January 2023, though the exact date is not yet confirmed. The show’s creators have not yet provided information about the significant end-of-season finale that will air on Channel 7 in Australia.


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