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Home and Away reveals the identity of Tane’s stalker

The identity of Tane Parata’s stalker was exposed in the most recent episodes of Home and Away, but it appears that the torment the people of Summer Bay are living through is far from done.

Tane’s stalker plotline may be just getting started in the UK, but Australian audiences have been watching Tane Parata (Ethan Browne) and Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) go through hell for the past several months as they suspect each other of stalking them.

Things came to a climax in a triple-bill of episodes that aired on the evening of Thursday 21st, as the true identity of Tane’s stalker was finally exposed.

Tane and Felicity met at the club where Felicity works, and the attractive newcomer seemed like the perfect diversion for Tane following his sad separation from Ziggy (Sophie Dillman).

While Tane was only seeking for a good time, it wasn’t long before Flick suggested that she wanted more, prompting Tane to call it a night so she wouldn’t be led on any further.

He began receiving single red rose deliveries shortly after, first on his porch and later tied to his automobile. He instantly believed Felicity was to blame and accused her of following him when she began to appear everywhere he went.

Tane had to go to Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) 21st birthday party to pick up the drunken teenager, but having to deal with Tane at work enraged Felicity even more, making her feel like she was the one being harassed.

It was then that he had an awkward meeting with Anne (Megan Smart), Felicity’s best friend, who was in charge of the VIP section that evening.

Felicity filed an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order) against the Parata brother shortly after, claiming that it was the only way to stop his pestering her.

The same evening, just as Martha’s (Belinda Giblin) fundraiser was getting underway at Salt, everything came to a head. Tane’s blue sports drink was replaced with an identical one that had been spiked with a sedative by an unknown individual who entered the gym.

He slumped to the ground just as the assailant arrived with a canister of an unknown substance, which they began dumping into the gym. The spray from the canister went into the air conditioning vents, filling Salt with organophosphate, a chemical that also functions as a potent nerve toxin.

Tane, Marilyn (Emily Simons), and Martha were all sent to the hospital, and Felicity was named the number one suspect right away. Cash began to suspect his own sister of being the mastermind behind the attack.

She has spent the previous few weeks attempting to prove her innocence. She begged Anne for an alibi, which she gladly provided, but her so-called closest friend ended up telling the cops what Felicity had wanted. It didn’t seem good to fabricate an alibi, and Detective Nasser (Julian Maroun) grew even more sure that Flick was guilty.

In Felicity’s vehicle, Jasmine (Sam Frost) discovered a receipt for the organophosphate. Flick begged Cash not to set her up, and her brother ended up destroying the evidence. Flick began to worry this week as her world began to shut in on her, and she made a mistake by bringing up the burning evidence event in front of Anne.

Felicity eventually figured out who was behind Tane’s stalking and gym attack in Thursday’s episode.

Anne was still the one person she could count on, so she invited her back to her van to figure out what they should do next.

It was there that Anne made a mistake. Anna responded that she despised Flick and that he had screwed both of them up when he made a casual remark about Tane. Anne recounted to Flick that he was nasty to her on the night of Ryder’s 21st birthday, when he appeared perplexed by the realisation that he’d harmed them both.

Anne appeared to take this to heart, stating that his remarks made her feel useless. Felicity pointed out that he was simply upset and wasn’t being himself, but Anne seemed to take this to heart.

Felicity had just seen Nikau’s most recent social media post at that point. Hundreds of Nik’s Instagram followers have spent the past week slamming Felicity and establishing their own vigilante movement in response to his anti-Felicity postings.

However, a subsequent remark on the page went even farther, requesting that the authorities examine the missing pesticide receipt, which only a few individuals were aware of.

Felicity realised at that time that, aside from Cash and Jasmine, Anne was the only person who knew about the burned receipt!

“It was you,” Felicity gasped, unwilling to believe the assailant was there in front of her. “You were right all along!”

Her buddy didn’t even dispute it, merely assuring Flick that she’d never be able to prove it and appearing shocked that she wasn’t pleased that Tane was on the verge of dying.

Since Anne’s initial appearance on the programme, many have accused her of being behind the attack. For a guest character, she garnered a lot of attention, and as Stephen Tennyson’s (Bren Foster) brief appearance on the programme recently proved, guesties can’t always be trusted.

Anne was wearing knee-length black boots when talking to Felicity on the beach the day after the incident, as seen by eagle-eyed viewers. They were eerily identical to the ones the unknown assailant wore when they assaulted Tane at the gym.

It looked like it would only be a matter of time until Anne’s actual identity was disclosed.

There are still some unanswered questions. While Anne claimed that her problem with Tane sprang from his disrespectful behaviour at Ryder’s 21st birthday party, the stalking and red rose deliveries began much earlier. What was her prime motive?

So, where does Felicity go from here?

Despite Cash’s requests that they investigate Anne, Detective Nasser proceeded to arrest Felicity on charges of attempted murder in the second episode of Thursday’s triple bill. Felicity’s caravan was empty when he opened it, with all of her belongings missing, and it appeared that Flick had fled.

Even Cash had to admit that fleeing isn’t an innocent act, and that his sister could have been the one who did it.

Tane went home from the hospital a few hours later to find another rose on his doorstep, along with a handwritten message that said “See you soon.”

Things appear to be far from over.

What we do know is that Felicity will have a difficult few weeks ahead of her.

A recent commercial for the programme gave us a sneak peek at what’s coming up between now and the season finale in November. Felicity is chained to a chair in an abandoned building in disturbing images.

She stops in her attempts to break free from the cords around her wrists as she hears a sound off screen.

She’s bound to one of the wooden support pillars in the following image, implying that her abductor is taking extra precautions to ensure she can’t flee.

Anne’s reign appears to be just getting started!

Do you want to know what happens after that?

Felicity and Tane eventually find happiness together, according to the new Home and Away ad, which we imagine comes after Tane does a lot of grovelling.

In scenes slated to broadcast in late 2021 or early 2022, the advertisement depicts the two of them kissing on the beach, looking happy than ever.

It implies that Flick survives her kidnapped ordeal and is ready to put the stalker allegations behind her and ultimately find happiness.

But buckle up, because there’s going to be a lot of drama between now and then!


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