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Home and Away’s Kirsty Marillier reveals DEVASTATION for Rose!

Kirsty Marillier of Summer Bay discusses the horrifying Rose assault, the sad love shock, and why she enjoys working on the soap opera.

In the wake of the horrific episode in which her brother Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) was viciously beaten, Home and Away actress Kirsty Marillier has warned that Rose Delaney is about to have her heart broken once more.

Both Home and Away paramedic Xander and his colleague Jamie (Hugo Liu) are seriously injured when they are attacked by aggressive drug traffickers while being transported in the ambulance.

After being hurried into surgery, Xander’s prognosis is uncertain.

Kirsty said, “He’s extremely seriously hurt and going in and out of consciousness.

He has vision loss, a medication-responsive episode, and a condition known as “post-operative delirium.”

Rose observes that, and she has never seen that side of him. She only wants to help him because he seems to be in so much suffering.

Rose, who is incredibly concerned for her brother, vows to find the thugs who attacked him and left him for dead despite her intense concern.

Kirsty argued, “Rose demonstrates her love via acts of service and problem-solving.

She is a strong-willed woman who cannot simply stand by and watch things take place.

“She wants to find the drug dealers for the greater good because she doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else.

“The ultimate event in their lives that will bind Rose and Xander together is the ambulance ambush.

Rose believes she will lose her brother, and this shows her that she will never be able to live without him.

When Rose learns that a patient has been admitted with a possible overdose, she questions them and obtains their drug dealer’s contact information.

Since the dealer is the same thug that attacked Xander, Rose appears to have lucked out. A determined Rose finds the dealers and takes them into custody!

Mali Hudson, her new boyfriend (played by Kyle Shilling), is one individual who is not moved by her kind deeds.

She feels successful when she catches them, but Kirsty acknowledged that she wasn’t sure if it was the best course of action given the circumstances.

“Someone else could be curious as to why she isn’t holding her brother’s hand and sitting at his bedside.

Mali challenges her behaviour, which truly puts her on the spot. He shows up at the police station and requests that she accompany Xander to the hospital.

Their relationship is in danger of breaking down because he wants her to be the girlfriend that he believes she is.

Mali recently arrived in the bay, and the two quickly fell in love.

Even though Rose’s previous relationship ended with her being tricked by Tex Wheeler of the bikie gang, Mali captured Rose’s heart swiftly.

Kirsty said, “She doesn’t ever want to be played again, way she was with Tex.

She encountered some difficulties when she first started dating Mali, but she overcame them and leaned in. She gave herself permission to be exposed.

“I find it extremely odd that this is happening to them now because they are completely in love.

“It upsets her when Mali wants to end their relationship. She may not anticipate it, in my opinion.

“The bay will always present some challenges, but if they’re going to find a path together, they’ll have to come to terms with each other and forgive each other.”

Kirsty began Home and Away as super officer Rose just over 18 months ago, and she admitted that time has flown by.

“It feels like it was just yesterday, I can’t believe I’ve been on air for a year!” Kirsty guffawed.

“It’s a tremendously enjoyable job. You might appear in two situations and engage in conversation. We resemble a large family.

At 8:00 a.m., I had an acting lesson with our coach before eating breakfast. After performing a scene, talking to people, and eating lunch, I performed another scene, had my hair blow-dried, and then I went home.

On the drive back, I wondered, “Gosh, I really don’t have a bad job, do I?”


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