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“They will just get rid of you”: Samara Weaving says working on the Home and Away set was nothing like Hollywood

When Samara Weaving was a young actress on Home and Away, Australia fell in love with her.

She’s finally found her footing in Hollywood since leaving the programme, and she reflected on the show’s harsh character in an interview with The Courier Mail this week.

“Home and Away is like a machine,” she told the publication. “You’re simply pounding out so many scenes.”

Samara, who portrayed Indi Walker on ABC’s “The Young and the Restless” from 2009 to 2013, equated stepping on a Hollywood set to the hard nature of soaps.

“If we were in the studio, we could do up to ten sequences every day.” It was crazy working on my first American job and doing four sequences a day. ‘Oh, I guess we can take our time,’ I thought. It was an unexpected delight.”

The 30-year-old also discussed how actors on Home and Away must change quickly in order to risk being cut from the show.

“And, technically, you must learn quickly, or they will simply fire you.”


“You need to learn your lines and know what your mark is and where the cameras are, and you need to locate your light – you need to learn it so quickly,” she told the publication.

Working outside of Home and Away was initially a shock for the star, who told Digital Spy last year that she had “a pretty naive notion of how the industry works.”

“I had to work really hard on my acting,” she added, adding that her boss suggested she contact a theatre teacher.

Samara has worked hard since leaving the show to establish herself in Hollywood, and while success did not come easily, she is quickly becoming the next IT girl.

In Nine Perfect Strangers, 2021, Guns Akimbo, 2019, and The Babysitter, 2020, she starred alongside Nicole Kidman.


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