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Home and Away’s Cash Newman receives a threat in 11 spoiler pictures

Cash Newman’s job may be in jeopardy as he continues to defend Dana Matheson and Harper on Channel 5’s Home and Away next week.

In other news, Xander Delaney has a falling out with Mali Hudson, while Tane Parata and Felicity Newman are planning for the future.

Monday, October 23: Mali makes Xander lose it.
He cautions Mali against interfering in his ongoing conflict with Rose.

October 23, Monday: Mali is in pain
His attempts to mediate between the quarrelling siblings have failed.

On October 23, Xander and Rose have a conversation.
They begin to make amends.

Monday, October 23: Rose discusses her latest course of action
She explains to Xander her hesitation to reach out to her father Samuel, who has been missing for a long time.

October 24, Tuesday: John isn’t feeling well.
Last night at Salt, there was a wild gathering.


Tuesday, October 24: Xander asks to speak with John. He reminds him that he must tell Mac the truth about breaking a costly whisky bottle the previous evening.

Tuesday, October 24: Both at home and away, Xander becomes irritated with John Palmer and Xander DelaneyChannel Five
John and Mac still haven’t spoken later in the day.

October 24, Tuesday: Xander is concerned
He might get into trouble with Mac because of the missing bottle.

October 24, Tuesday: John feels uneasy
His worry is Mac’s response.

Oct. 24, Tuesday: Mac makes an appearance on the balcony
She is aware that the bottle is missing.

Tuesday, October 24: John and Xander are taken aback.
Now is the moment for them to clarify.


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