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Home and Away spoilers: Notorious cult Vita Nova comes after an injured Justin

Justin escaped the kidnapping ordeal with his life. However, the threat remains since there are still members of the deadly Vita Nova cult who are prepared to pursue him.
Ada Nicodemou as Leah and James Stewart as Justin were kidnapped, locked in an abandoned warehouse, and left for death in the most recent episode of Home and Away.

Justin nearly died during their abortive attempt to flee, which made his fiancée Leah say what she believed to be their last goodbye. He survived, amazingly enough. But does it not last long?
Vita Nova moves to complete the job after learning that Justin is recuperating in the hospital.
Officer Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) questions his coworker Rose (Kirsty Marillier) why, in light of the events, she hasn’t stationed a guard on the ward when he visits the hospital to check on Justin and Leah.
Rose doesn’t take well to his enquiry and moves on, but it’s precisely this lack of security that could help Vita Nova in their goal.

Outside, an orderly named Jordan (Jack Angwin), who is actually a member of Vita Nova, reports to his superiors what he has overheard and inquires as to when he need to take action. Then, while hiding his intentions, he goes to see Justin to resume his work.
“No one suspects anything at first,” 46-year-old Ada says to TV WEEK.
With a brighter mood the following morning, Leah leaves for the hospital. Her spirits are dashed, though, when she tells doctor Bree (Juliet Godwin) about the “helpful” orderly Jordan and is informed that no one with that name works at the hospital.
Rose is alarmed by the revelation, but it’s too late; they discover Justin comatose on the floor.
“Rose cottons on at the 11th hour and races back to Justin,” explains Ada. “Jordan has tried to suffocate him with a pillow.”
Doctors rush to help as Rose declares lockdown at the hospital. The stakes are stronger than ever since there is not much time left to save Justin and track out his attacker!


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