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Home and Away’s Kyle Shilling’s Aboriginal roots, twin brother, rap career and health issues

Kyle Shilling made history when he joined Home and Away as Mali Hudson, the soap opera’s first indigenous main character since the show first launched back in 1988

As the first Native American lead character on Home and Away, Kyle Shilling created history.

His training in dance and music makes him a triple threat in addition to being an accomplished actor.

However, following the arrival to Summer Bay, a lot is now known.

Since Kyle was born in 1994, this year marks his 30th birthday.

He was raised in Taree and Pottsville, Australia’s New South Wales, and is a member of the Widjubal clan of the Bundjalung Nation.

Growing up, he was an actor, musician, and frequent social media sharer of his Aboriginal culture through dance.

He received a Diploma in Professional Dance Performance from the National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association.

What else has Kyle acted in?

Kyle first appeared as an underwater extra in the music video for rock band’s The Preatures’ song Yanada in 2017.

He played a character called Eddie in the 2017 short Hoax, before acting as a partygoer in rock band Over It’s music video.

Since 2023, he has starred as Mali Hudson in Home and Away. He is the soap’s first indigenous main character.

Rap career

While Kyle is known for this acting and dancing, he also raps and uses the stage name BLACX.

He has released songs such as Socks, Thongs, Brown Eyes, Feeling Good and Do My Dance.

Following remarks about his beard made by Home and Away viewers, Kyle disclosed that he had been diagnosed with alopecia.

He discussed his diagnosis and the remarks he witnessed on social media.

He began, “For all those fans of Home and Away who are upset with my beard line. I was just diagnosed with alopecia in the area of my neck and beard.

Stress can contribute to alopecia, a disorder that causes hair loss. The makeup artists at Home and Away try their hardest to hide my newfound “insecurity.” It will ultimately grow back, but for now, it is what it is.

“I’m not asking for sympathy as it could be a lot worse but I’m simply shedding light on alopecia so people have an understanding about it.”

After disclosing his illness, the actor got a ton of encouraging messages and inquiries from his fans.

He said: “I’ve gotten an incredible volume of responses in response to my recent story about alopecia. The majority come from those who had a worse experience than you. Much love to all of you; keep moving forward.

This serves as a reminder to refrain from making comments on someone’s appearance in public as you never know why they may look the way they do. Consider your options before passing judgment.


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