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Home and Away’s Mali Hudson faces Xander Delaney’s anger over Rose

Mali Hudson of Home and Away laments joining the Delaney siblings’ most recent argument when it airs in the UK the following week.

When Rose has a falling out with her brother Xander over a sensitive family matter, Mali leaps to her defence.

Rose will make the decision in upcoming Channel 5 programmes that she does not wish to become close to her father, Samuel Edwards, who has been absent for a long time.

Rose decides to end things there instead of maintaining frequent communication with Samuel after reaching out to him and listening to his thoughts. This irritates Xander, who wonders if it was worthwhile to arouse such strong feelings in the event that Rose had no intention of maintaining contact with Samuel.

In an attempt to mediate the situation between the siblings, Mali confronts Xander about his actions.

In reaction, Xander becomes irrationally angry, refusing to talk to Mali about it and maintaining that his meddling is unnecessary.

Mali’s thoughts are echoed by Rose, who advises him to keep his distance.


Rose meets with Xander later to discuss the situation. After that, she goes to see her mother Yvette to get her version of events.

Rose tells Mali that she has resolved all the issues with her mother when she gets back from the trip.

At first, Rose found it difficult to comprehend Yvette’s decision to exclude Samuel from her life when she was younger, but after hearing her out, Rose is able to appreciate her mother’s decision to distance herself from Samuel. Yvette thought it would be better to cut him out since she was inexperienced, terrified, and bewildered.

Rose, touched by Mali’s empathy for the situation, says she will be seeing Samuel once more, and she hopes to have Mali go with her.

Though it’s obvious that Mali and Rose get along better now, can Mali also get along with Xander?


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