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Home and Away teases dramatic UK finale in 11 spoiler pictures

The last episodes of the year will air on Channel 5’s Home and Away next week, before the show takes its yearly Christmas break.

The show’s creators have inserted a massive cliffhanger to correspond with the UK finale, in which the lives of Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson are in jeopardy following their retargeting by the evil cult Vita Nova.

A preview of what’s to come can be found in our collection of eleven images.

November 17th, Friday: Leah attempts to set Justin free

Justin attempted to flee from an abandoned warehouse, but debris fell on him.

November 17, Friday: The pair has been abducted

As they were leaving for what they thought would be an opulent vacation, they were ambushed.


November 17, Friday: It was all a ruse.

Justin and Leah were duped by Vita Nova into believing they had won a lucrative break.

Nov. 17, Friday: Justin is currently having problems.

Justin attempted to flee after being imprisoned in the warehouse and left to die, but he fell badly.

November 17, Friday: Leah looks after Justin

It’s obvious that there might not be much longer.

Friday, November 17: A terrified Leah

She really runs the risk of losing Justin.

November 17, Friday: Justin describes the sore spot

He thinks he may have had a few ribs shattered.

On Friday, November 17, Justin is immobile.

Leah understands she needs to get away from her situation in order to assist Justin.

November 17, Friday: Justin begins to cough up blood.

His health continues to worsen.

Friday, November 17: Justin starts to deteriorate

Leah intends to scale the walls to assist him.

November 17, Friday: Leah loses it.

She asks Justin to marry her once they get out of this predicament in a tearful moment. Will their vows ever be exchanged?


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