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Home and Away spoilers: Roo disowns Martha when she refuses her kidney transplant

Roo (Georgie Parker) and Alf (Ray Meagher) have been waiting to see if she is a match to give a kidney to Martha (Belinda Giblin), whose health is deteriorating and doctors are unsure how long she will be able to hold on, if at all. Roo’s head is in a jumble after a rough visit with a psychologist, and she wonders if donating is even the correct decision to make.

Irene (Lynne McGranger) is her buddy, and she helps her put things in perspective. She expresses her concern about what she would feel if she did not give and Martha did not make it. The strain is on as Roo realises the gravity of the situation. Will she choose to shorten her own life in order to help her mother live longer?

Meanwhile, Alf is by Martha’s bedside in the hospital, but when she goes for dialysis, he stops at the in-house chapel and prays to God. He expresses his worry of losing Martha and asks for the strength to assist his family get through this difficult time. When he returns to the room, Roo is waiting for him, and she confesses that she has made her decision: she will donate to Martha.

Following some discussions with the doctors, Roo enthusiastically announces that there is an open slot for surgery tomorrow if Martha is ready. Martha, on the other hand, is apprehensive and proposes they give it some thought. But now that Roo has made up her mind, she is adamant: the kidney transplant will take place tomorrow. Martha expresses her gratitude for her daughter’s sacrifice and wonders how she earned such a lovely daughter. They embrace, but it’s evident that Martha is still conflicted about how things are going.

Roo and Martha are dressed in their hospital gowns and preparing for surgery the next day. Roo is nervous, but she is determined to assist her mother. Martha, on the other hand, appears even more conflicted than the day before. Martha intervenes just as Roo is being wheeled away. Everyone is surprised when she says she doesn’t want the transplant.

Martha continues to insist that the surgery be halted until everyone has left. Alf and Roo stand at her side, puzzled as to what she’s thinking. Roo isn’t satisfied with Martha’s excuse that she can’t justify taking her daughter’s kidney.

She is enraged, blaming her mother of abandoning her for the second time, and stating that she will have nothing to do with her going forward…



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