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Home and Away Spoilers – Marilyn wants to get her hands on Cash

When Marilyn discovers that a previous Summer Bay favorite is getting married, she makes a desperate attempt to obtain money on the upcoming episode of Home and Away in the UK.

Not that Cash, please. cold, hard money.

Following Tane’s (Ethan Browne) and Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) wedding, Summer Bay is expected to continue to experience wedding fever the following week as we learn that a beloved previous character is getting married.

John (Shane Withington), who recently saw their adopted son in the city, enters the diner and hurriedly asks Marilyn (Emily Symons) whether she has heard from Jett (Will McDonald).

It turns out that Marilyn’s phone was on quiet, but a delighted John can’t resist breaking the exciting news that Jett proposed to his girlfriend Lindsey, and she accepted!

John goes on to say that throughout his visit, he could tell how in love the pair was, but Marilyn is a little miffed because she hasn’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Lindsey.

Later, when John speaks with Jett again, he finds out that they are preparing for a low-key nuptial. It will only be a quick ceremony at the registrar office, followed by a supper at the neighborhood restaurant because they are attempting to save money for a down payment on a property.

Although Marilyn agrees with John that their son deserves better, she applauds Jett and Lindsey for their maturity and believes that they should respect their choice.

Marilyn is surprised when John then says that he will volunteer to pay for the wedding because weddings aren’t exactly inexpensive! Even while John is aware of this, he still wants to give Jett a day to remember, especially in light of the difficult few years he has experienced.

When Marilyn asks how much they are talking about, she starts to hesitate a little, but John is only too eager to cough up the cash and claim that it is from them both.

Marilyn accepts the offer, but she doesn’t feel it’s very fair to John. As a result, she and Irene later discuss the best ways to quickly raise some money.

Irene offers that she might restart her hair and beauty business, but Marilyn points out that by the time that happens, the wedding will have passed.

Marilyn enthusiastically informs Irene and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) that she will be a “brand ambassador” for the skincare firm Stunning Organics that evening, finding what appears to be the ideal source of income.

She only needs to register online, and the business will send her merchandise to sell.

Everything seems so basic… anything possibly could go wrong!

Who is Jett Palmer?

From 2012 through 2015, Jett James, as he was formerly known, appeared frequently on the show. He was first introduced as a 14-year-old with a difficult family situation.

After Jett’s mother Liz passed away from an overdose, John and his then-wife Gina (Sonia Todd) took him in and subsequently made plans to adopt him the next year. Sadly, Gina passed away from a brain aneurysm while traveling to sign the documents.

Jett asked John and Marilyn to adopt him during his best man speech at John and Marilyn’s wedding the following year, and the adoption was completed a few weeks later, further solidifying the family unit.

Jett received a cadet scholarship and left the bay in 2015 to attend boarding school. In 2017, he would briefly return. He was commissioned as a Lieutenant the next year, and John and Marilyn were present for his passing out march.

In 2019, Jett visited Summer Bay one more and informed everyone there that he had been assigned to Afghanistan and would be leaving in 48 hours.

When John and Marilyn later discovered that Jett was receiving treatment at a field hospital in Germany after suffering serious injuries in an explosion, they were inconsolable.

Upon returning him to Summer Bay, Jett was told that he had sustained a complete spinal cord injury and would therefore be permanently paralyzed.

After adjusting to life in a wheelchair for some time, Jett was eventually offered some specifically designed housing in the city that would give him the independence he required.

Our character description for Jett contains a thorough summary of his time on the program.

While Justin (James Stewart) waits for his trial for grievous bodily harm, he must make some difficult choices elsewhere in Summer Bay.

After seeing a text from his daughter Ava (Annabel Wolfe), pleading with Theo (Matt Evans), Justin proceeded to viciously attack the man he thought had attacked the 16-year-old.

Justin was devastated to find that he had sent an innocent guy, Conor (Tom Dawson), to the hospital. Little did he know, however, that Ava’s message was nothing more than a cry out for crush Theo’s attention.

The following week, Justin meets with his attorney David (Tony Cogin), who is hoping to reach an agreement with the DPP to have Justin undergo anger management therapy instead of going to trial because Justin intends to enter a guilty plea.

Unfortunately, the DPP informs David that they are attempting to get Justin the harshest sentence possible. Conor’s allegation of psychological harm is being contested along with the notion that Justin could think Ava was really in danger as a result of recent dishonesty by Ava.

Prison sentence is therefore appearing to be a very real prospect!

Justin makes the decision that he wants Ava to move back into the city because he doesn’t want his kid to have to see as her father gets ready for jail. Ava, however, is unsatisfied with Justin’s choice because she believes he has already given up and is adamant that she wants to go to the hearing.

Ava is quick to lay the responsibility on Justin, telling him that everything is his fault and that she won’t ever forgive him if Justin is imprisoned, when she later overhears Theo confessing to Justin that he feels bad for initially calling the police.

By convincing Ava that they must put aside their differences in order to help Justin, Theo eventually prevails over her.

Ava, who has now stopped playing games and started to open up, speculates that her father’s friendship with Theo may have sparked some envy, but she is clear that she wants to stay in Summer Bay.

Leah must ultimately persuade Ava that returning home is the best course of action for both her and Justin. If Ava stays, Justin won’t be able to concentrate on arguing his case since he’ll only be thinking about her.

Ava reluctantly agrees, bidding Justin farewell as Theo gets ready to take her back to the city, well aware that the next time she sees her father he might be in jail.


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