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Home and Away viewers expose the Channel Seven show’s ‘unrealistic’ details after an iconic character’s storyline became ‘inconsistent’: ‘What’s happened?’

Fans of the long-running Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away have criticized it for being “unrealistic.”

Social media has been used by viewers to point out alleged plot holes in tales centered on Justin, one of the show’s most well-known characters, who is portrayed by the 47-year-old actor James Stewart.

In the program, Stewart’s persona manages the neighborhood garage in Summer Bay while carrying out a 500-day community service sentence for an attack.

But the controversy has left viewers on the Home and Away Spoiler & Info Group perplexed.

This is due to Justin (Stewart) doing little to fulfill his court punishment after the judge’s judgment was shown being delivered on the show back in April.

Home and Away viewers have taken to social media to expose supposed plot holes in story lines centred on one of the show’s most popular characters, Justin, played by 47-year-old actor James Stewart (pictured)

In the show, Stewart’s character runs the local garage in Summer Bay, while he’s serving a 500-day community service order for assault. But fans on the Home and Away Spoiler & Info Group have been left wondering over the drama Pictured: Stewart as Justin in Home and Away

What became of Justin’s volunteer work or anger management class? On the Facebook page, one fan left a comment.

Others concurred, although one H&A fan made the quip, “Maybe he did it all in one go? a long day

Fans have criticized the program for being ‘inconsistent’ with other characters and plot threads un the meanwhile.

For instance, the show frequently took place in Justin’s garage when Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) were cast members of Home and Away.

Justin’s garage was a frequent setting for the show’s action while Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) was part of the show – but the business has not been seen for weeks

But Justin’s garage hasn’t been seen since real-life couple Dillman and O’Connor, who portrayed boyfriend and girlfriend on the show, left in March.

Does Justin own the garage anymore? On the Facebook fan page, a user muses.

He hasn’t been inside or hired anyone else to run it for him since Ziggy left. They groused that it had not even been mentioned.

Another viewer wondered who was ‘fixing’ cars in Summer Bay. 

‘Seriously it’s not realistic,’ agreed one viewer.

‘The writers aren’t consistent with anything at all,’ whined another.

Other fans noted that none of the characters seem to have jobs, but still had money to spend in the cafe, while another mentioned that there were: ‘no school or teenagers in the bay anymore.’


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