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Home and Away spoilers: Justin and Leah kidnap horror, Dana ‘exposed’ and Rose heartache

When the Channel 5 soap opera’s season finale airs next week, viewers of Home and Away can anticipate even more drama.

As the tension between Marilyn and Roo persists, Leah worries about travelling with Justin to a five-star hotel. Marilyn, however, convinces them that there is no need for concern and they leave.

When it is discovered that the cult Vita Nova set them up for a peaceful weekend getaway and that they have been abandoned to perish in a warehouse, the trip takes an extremely bad turn. Justin scrambles to the top of a ladder and starts climbing the rafters of the shuttered factory in an attempt to get away.

However, the scrap metal he’s using to cross collapses on top of him, sending Justin unconscious and Leah into convulsions. Graffiti reading “The End Is Near” appears on the wall as the couple battles for their life.

Justin gasps for air as Leah delicately lifts the weight of rubble from his chest. She asks Justin to marry her as she gives him what may be her final embrace.

Dana hears that Roo is seeking a new nurse and goes to an interview elsewhere. When Roo asks her about her former job, Dana tells the truth about her claims that she stole medications from her hospital job.

Roo employs Dana because she doesn’t want Marilyn there and explicitly tells Marilyn to pack up the remaining clothing and belongings and leave. Dana finds Marilyn distraught and just evicted, and she begs her to follow up with information regarding Roo.


Irene informs Dana about the intricate circumstances surrounding Marilyn and Roo. She later finds Roo in a vulnerable state and informs Marilyn that even if Roo is obstinate, she still needs her companion.

Marilyn discovers Dana has been reporting to her when she arrives to Roo’s. Dana is allowed to continue in her new position by Roo, but Marilyn says she’s going to permanently step away from the picture, giving Roo the room she needs.

Zara starts to obstruct Rose and Mali across the bay, making it obvious that they were each other’s first loves. Zara stays up late attempting to persuade him of their potential together after Rose leaves.

Xander intervenes so that Mali and Rose may speak when Zara keeps putting pressure on their relationship, but it backfires when he divulges significantly more information than anticipated. Later, after calling in the big guns, Zara gives Mali a phone call from his mother.

Mali is reminded of his duties to his family, friends, and the expectation that he will host Zara. When he tries to explain his situation to Rose, she is shocked to learn that Zara is allowed to stay in Mali’s house for as long as she desires.


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