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Home and Away Kirby star ‘bawled eyes out’ as she read ‘heartbreaking’ exit twist

Home and Away’s Kirby Aramoana recently split from the band Lyrik to embark on a solo career and actress Angelina Thompson confessed she was in tears after reading the script

Star of Home and Away Angelina Thomson “cried uncontrollably” when discovering Kirby was leaving Lyrik.

Alongside the three other band members of Lyrik—Rob Mallet, Adam Rowland, and Stephanie Panozzo—who were cast in the roles of Bob, Remi, and Eden, Angelina debuted as Kirby in the middle of 2022. Theo (Matt Evans) joined the band as the fourth member when Bob left Summer Bay after only a few months.

But Kirby devastated her fellow band members in September by announcing she was leaving Lyrik to pursue a solo career. A severe falling out resulted with her departure from Remi, her ex-boyfriend Theo, and her closest friend Eden.

The actress told Stuff that she was heartbroken to read the scripts and that “it was really hard to do all that stuff where Kirby and Eden and Remi were really butting heads.” I was crying uncontrollably as I read the scripts for the first time while flying to Melbourne to see my lover.

“I told one of our writers, ‘This is so beautiful, but reading it makes me feel so sad.'” I gave her a picture. It was an interesting trip. Before being cast in Australia’s longest-running soap opera, Angelina was a skilled musical theatre actor, and she acknowledged that she missed performing on stage a lot.

Conversations about her partner, theatre star Lachlan Dearing, who is presently touring Hamilton internationally, make her miss things. She told the tabloid, “When he tells me all of these things that he’s doing, I’m like, ‘Oh, gosh, I miss the theatre.'”


“I miss a lot of things, like performing in front of a live audience and singing and dancing. However, I also know that I will perform in theatre once again and that I will really miss TV land at that point.

She continued, “I know the grass isn’t always greener and I’m very grateful where I am.” Although being cast as Kirby was a dream come true, Angelina talked on other aspects that moviegoers might not always notice.

“But I think you often put dreams on a pedestal but the reality of the dream is very different, she said. “There are so many other things to consider when you’re actually living out the reality of that dream.”

Angelina added: “It’s difficult, it’s exhausting, it’s tricky. It feels confusing – there are lots of different elements that you could probably have warned me about before I booked the job, but I wouldn’t have listened. I would just say, ‘I want to do it, so


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