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Home and Away reveals disturbing twist in Mac and PK storyline

In the following weeks, Mackenzie Booth will have to make a difficult decision as she tries to keep things afloat at Salt.

Mac is intrigued by PK and the money he can bring to the poker table in scenes that will air in the UK in June. Mac agrees to host a high-roller event at Salt at PK’s request (via TV Week).

Mac’s plans for the evening are quickly derailed when PK informs him that Felicity Newman is unable to attend. Because Flick is the sister of a local cop, PK claims that her presence may deter some of his clients from going.

Flick meets with Mac and urges her to see through PK’s charm. Mac refuses to listen, despite Flick’s concerns.

As the event begins, Mac is the only one at the table. The bar struggles to keep up despite the help of Ziggy Astoni and Tane Parata. Meanwhile, poker player Nathan stops Felicity from going to Salt and locks her up.

Back at Salt, PK appears to be on a roll, so Mac is taken aback when he informs her that the house has lost and she must pay $100,000.

PK assures Mac that if she repays him in any other way, he’ll cover the bill, before handing her a card with his hotel location on it.

Felicity makes it to Salt the next morning and is saddened to learn of the night’s events. When she and Mac’s half-brother Dean Thompson learn Mac is missing, their dismay quickly turns to panic.

Did she follow through on PK’s shady advice?


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