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Home and Away’s Justin Morgan struggles over Andrew Lawrence exit

In the UK episodes of Home and Away that air the following week, Justin Morgan will find it difficult to understand Andrew Lawrence’s decision to depart Summer Bay.

After Tegan Osbourne’s arrival, Andrew leaves the show, which has already broadcast in Australia. Justin initially wants Andrew to stay with him and Leah, but he eventually gives Andrew his approval when Tegan eventually extends an invitation for him to move in with her.

In subsequent scenes, Tegan mentions the notion of removing Andrew from Summer Bay as they are getting along like a house on fire.

Justin is worried that Tegan won’t be able to handle Andrew’s needs, though.

Tegan encounters opposition from Justin and Leah when she suggests that Andrew move in with her.

Despite the apparent animosity between everyone, a compromise is reached: Andrew will have a say in his own future.

Separately, Justin approaches Andrew and urges him to stay with Justin and Leah rather than moving to Summer Bay to live with Tegan. It makes sense that Andrew is conflicted about the whole issue.

Later, after deciding to stay in Summer Bay, Andrew apologises to Tegan. Tegan is upset, but Justin could not be happier.

But soon after, Theo learns Andrew’s genuine emotions. Andrew acknowledges that, although having said he would stay, he really wants to leave with his sister.

Theo then prods Andrew to tell the truth, but Andrew can’t help but be concerned about offending Justin.

Theo decides to take matters into his own hands and tells Leah and Justin about Andrew’s emotions. Justin is particularly shocked by this, but he ultimately decides to let Andrew to depart with Tegan.

As Andrew departs Summer Bay, Justin and Andrew embrace a heartfelt farewell.


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