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Home and Away star reveals ‘shocking’ truth about how the show is filmed

Anyone from Sydney knows that if you go to Palm Beach on a nice weekday, you might see the cast and crew of Home and Away filming the renowned soap.

On the carpark side, the surf club is called Palm Beach Surf Club, while on the beachfront, it’s Summer Bay Surf Life Saving Club, with “A Stewart” listed as a patron (that’s Alf Stewart, in case you galahs were wondering).

After new cast member Luke Van Os gave his TikTok followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse during his first day of filming, some fans were horrified to learn that other sets aren’t actually genuine.

And fans were disappointed to hear that the properties shown in the show aren’t real!

“So you’re saying this isn’t a real house? 😳🥺😭😂”one of the viewers commented.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking, and I’m shocked!” another has been added.

Many of Luke’s fans appeared to be upset that their favourite TV show wasn’t exactly what they expected (they do realise the storylines and characters aren’t real, don’t they?).

“What the hell is going on here? I’d always assumed that Home and Away only had a few distinct rented or purchased properties “one person remarked

Another added, “Haha I hate seeing the sets because I’m so emotionally connected 😂 it’s real to me!! 😝”

Another joked, “This feels criminal to see, but not at the same time.”

“Wait, the houses aren’t real? 😳 🏠” commented the official Home And Away TikTok account.

Luke joins his cousin Chris Hemsworth on the show as Xander Delaney, Sam Frost’s character Jasmine’s half brother.

Chris was his go-to guy for audition advice.

“When I was asked for a callback for the chemistry test, I actually zoomed in with Chris the night before and we ran [the scene] and just kind of got into a good headspace,” Luke told The Daily Telegraph.

“Countless individuals have come and done [Home and Away] and gone on to have extraordinarily long careers, and all I hope to do is act and make a living for as long as I can.”


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