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Home and Away airs Bella Nixon’s return storyline as her split from Nikau is revisited

Will they reunite?

Australian-paced episodes of Home and Away include spoilers, which some UK viewers may want to avoid.

Bella Nixon’s comeback narrative from Home and Away was broadcast on Thursday in Australia (February 23).

Late last year, Courtney Miller reprised the character of Bella for a limited period of time before moving on to other projects.

In the most recent episodes of the show, which aired on Channel 7 in Australia, Bella returned to Summer Bay while taking a break from her professional obligations.

In New York, Bella has been concentrating on her photographic profession, but she found time to return for five days in between jobs.

Following the revelation that Ziggy Astoni and Dean Thompson had welcomed a baby girl, Izzy, together, the well-liked character made the decision to come back.

When questioned about her motives, Bella stated that she simply cared about seeing her pals and didn’t give a damn if she ran into her ex-boyfriend Nikau Parata.

Although though Bella continued to put up a brave face whenever she eventually came into contact with Nikau, Dean had a sneaking suspicion that this wasn’t actually the case.

Bella explained to him how Nikau dumped her when she left for New York: “It’s possible that the end of our relationship was for the best. So we get along.”

Yet, Bella later acknowledged that she was still perplexed as to why Nikau had stopped their relationship so suddenly.

Bella recalls saying to Dean during a heart-to-heart: “I don’t even know why – all I ever did was adore him.”

If you really have questions, you wouldn’t have travelled all this way without bringing them up, Dean observed.

Bella finally learned of Nikau’s intentions when he severed all links with her due to the risk posed by the biker gang that threatened the Parata family when she gave him the opportunity to defend himself.

Bella resumed her interactions with Nikau and expressed her acceptance of their potential friendship. But given that Nikau must leave Summer Bay soon, is it possible that he will accompany Bella on her trip?

Home and Away fans in the UK will see these scenes on Channel 5 in April.


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