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Home and Away Rose star shares how she deals with kissing scenes with close co-star

EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away’s Kirsty Marillier has worked closely with Kyle Shilling since he made his debut on the soap and the actress has shared how they deal with kissing scenes

Actress Kirsty Marillier of Home and Away has discussed how she handles the embarrassment of kissing co-star and close friend Kyle Shilling.

In 2022, the actress made her acting debut as Summer Bay police officer Rose Delaney. She was revealed to be Xander Delaney’s (Luke Van Os) sister.

Kyle, meanwhile, made his debut as Mali Hudson early this year and rapidly grew close to Kirsty when their characters started dating.

The actor and dancer have a lot of fun on set, Kirsty exclusively revealed to Daily Star when asked about their working relationship.

“[Kyle] is really funny. We make fun of each other a lot,” she said.

It’s so simple to joke with Kyle; he’s the kind of person you want to work with. “I didn’t think I could make fun of anyone more than I made fun of Luke [Van Os] but I make fun of Kyle so much.”

“I can say anything to him and he’ll just take it,” I said after getting my hair blow-dried today. “Like even today I got my hair blow-dried and I was like, ‘Relax, Kyle. I know I have blow-dried hair but just relax.'”

“We make each other laugh a lot, it’s great,” the Australian celebrity continued. We get along well.

Kirsty explained that their secret to overcoming the difficulty of filming kissing moments is to simply laugh in between takes.

She said, “You try to push through that uncomfortable feeling.”

You have to do it because it’s your job, but we just giggle in between takes, Kirsty continued. We’ll joke around about how funny it is.

When I’m joking, I’ll say, “Hey, can we get some mints and give him five?”

Rose and Mali’s relationship recently hit a bump in the road after Xander was attacked and left for dead, with Mali ending things after realising they have different priorities.

During Tuesday’s (May 30) instalment of the Channel 5 soap, the ex-couple couldn’t stay away from each other but realised every time they get close, someone gets hurt.

Turning a new page, the former lovers agreed to end the relationship due to differences, but the question remains whether they are both really happy with the decision.


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