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Home and Away Spoilers – Bree and Remi face off against Jacob

The next week on Home and Away in the UK, Bree will experience her greatest dread when she finally meets Jacob, and Remi’s attempts to assist will go horribly wrong.

Next week, when the 2022 season finale that aired in Australia back in November finally reaches the UK, Bree (Juliet Godwin) will experience her darkest nightmare.

Bree (Alex Williams) was scared to find that her husband Jacob (Alex Williams) had vanished from his work in Western Australia and destroyed their joint bank account after she recently reported him to the police for domestic abuse.

Bree spent several days hiding in her hotel room with her new boyfriend Remi (Adam Rowland) because she was afraid he was returning to the bay to fight with her despite the AVO being in place.

Bree finally decided to move on with her life and went on a date with Remi in the open after realising that keeping herself to herself would be giving Jacob the victory.

After a passionate night at Salt, the couple embraced outside the surf club without realising that Jacob was definitely observing their every move.

The following week, Jacob comes across Kirby (Angelina Thomson) and Theo while he is exploring Remi’s residence on Saxon Avenue (Matt Evans). He asks the two if Remi is at home, claiming to be a friend of Remi’s.

Jacob nonetheless waits for Theo and Kirby to leave before entering the home and going to Remi’s room. where he quickly discovers Bree’s earrings and ID badge from her place of employment on the bedside table.

Bree, meantime, is feeling much better now that she is living her life once more, especially since she has moved out of the room she previously shared with Jacob.

Bree’s illusion is quickly dispelled, though, when Remi doesn’t appear when she opens the door to a knock. only to see Jacob there, waiting! (It turns out that staying at the same motel wasn’t the cleverest of ideas after all.)

Bree is informed by Jacob that she won’t be seeing her lover Remi again as he forcibly barges into the room.

She tries to deny everything, but as Jacob shows her the items he took from Remi’s bedside, the proof speaks for itself.

Bree tries to reason with Jacob by reminding him that he can’t be in Summer Bay, but Jacob is too enraged to pay attention as he laments how it felt to be interrogated about her outrageous “accusations” while she was living with Remi on the other side of the nation.

Bree tries to argue with Jacob as he orders her to pack her belongings, but this only makes him angrier and he orders her to get dressed right away.

After questioning Remi about his new relationship, Kirby and Theo inquire as to if his “friend” has finally caught up with him at the Lyrik residence. Remi is perplexed until he hears a description of the man, at which point he starts to fear.

Remi hurries to the motel after failing to reach Bree on the phone, telling Kirby and Theo to contact the police if Jacob comes back.

Remi enters the motel room and discovers Jacob imprisoning Bree. Remi obeys Jacob’s request to sit down since he feels he has no choice but to do so.

As Jacob cable-ties Remi to the chair and Remi questions him about how he sees this ending, a scared Bree continues to pack. The notion that Jacob will have to flee from the police if he abducts Bree doesn’t concern him because he obviously has a plan to avoid them.

Bree makes a desperate attempt to get out of the issue by promising Jacob that she will go to the police and claim that she made up the accusations. Despite her best efforts to persuade Jacob that Remi means nothing to her, he doesn’t buy it.

Jacob abruptly takes a hammer out of his rucksack, decides to hit guitarist Remi where it hurts, and crunches it down upon Remi’s bound hand.

Bree, who is horrified, begs Jacob to let her attend to Remi’s wounds, but it is obvious that he is in pain despite his best efforts to hide it.

Then, Jacob gives Bree a terrifying ultimatum: Either she departs with him right away, or he’ll end Remi’s suffering permanently.

Bree grudgingly accedes to Jacob’s requests since she doesn’t want to cause Remi any more suffering. As a result, Remi is left chained and gagged in the hotel room alone himself.

As soon as Kirby and Theo learn the truth from Mackenzie about Bree’s spouse, they start to fear about Remi’s safety (Emily Weir).

Will they be able to reach Remi or Bree in time? Kirby locates neighbourhood cop Rose (Kirsty Marillier) and expresses her worries.


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