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First clip of Home and Away’s 2022 Season Finale released

The first footage showcasing the spectacular collision and fire that will conclude the year has been made available with just a few weeks till the Home and Away 2022 season finale.

The video is an excerpt from a recent presentation by Australia’s Seven Network, which aims to persuade businesses to invest in TV ads on the network’s channels.

The presentation includes footage from the network’s current shows that will make a comeback in the following year in addition to introducing the new shows for 2023.

Of course, Home and Away was there, one of the channel’s best-performing programmes with, according to the presentation, a weekly audience of over 2.5 million Australians.

We are given 17 seconds of brand-new video of Tane and Felicity’s wedding in a brief clip aired at the conclusion, which is anticipated to air in this year’s dramatic season finale. For a complete view of the footage, scroll down.

The clip has now revealed that there would be two wrecks as well as a dramatic explosion, but we already knew that the wedding would bring tragedy in the form of a car crash.

The couple’s wedding day has arrived only eight weeks after Tane (Ethan Browne) proposed to Felicity (Jacqui Purvis).

In order to get married on the first anniversary of their trip to a secluded cabin, which was highlighted in the season finale the year before and solidified the beginning of their romance, Tane wanted to get engaged quickly.

They left Summer Bay for a delightful few days together in the season finale of the previous year, but this year’s voyage will be remembered for very different reasons.

As the wedding day approaches, Felicity and Eden leave Summer Bay in Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Felicity’s father’s ute, which Cash and Justin (James Stewart) have just started to fix up after years of neglect. Eden is played by Stephanie Panozzo.

They leave town in the ute, which has been lovingly cleaned up and is now adorned with flowers and ribbons, and Felicity’s current cold feet have entirely evaporated.

She exclaims with pleasure, throwing her hands in the air, “I’m getting married.”

According to the most recent Australian programmes, there will be a little ceremony along the beach, after which everyone will return to the Paratas’ home for a Mori hng.

Even though Tane has recently emphasised the value of water to his culture, it seems the wedding will no longer be at the beach during the next weeks and will instead take place on a farm.

Felicity and Cash’s foster father, Gary (Peter Phelps), recently showed up in Summer Bay and volunteered to pay for the wedding; therefore, could the additional funds influence the choice to upgrade to a finer venue?

The group of visitors starts to arrive as Eden and Felicity drive to the farm in the freshly refurbished ute; it appears Tane and Felicity have many friends outside of Summer Bay.

Things suddenly take a tragic turn.

They dash through the country roads, and Felicity has to remind Eden to calm down because she seems to be in a hurry. But is Eden truly to fault for the accelerating car?

The two are seen attempting to pass an orange camper van at a high rate of speed while erratically swerving around it since they are unaware that Justin and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) are approaching them from the opposite direction.

Although Justin tries his best to brake, it appears like it is too late.

Leah’s automobile suddenly lifts off the ground and soars through the air as we watch!

The next image depicts Eden and Felicity’s ute colliding with a concrete wall.

Although the trailer suggests that the two vehicles collide after their near-collision, Eden and Felicity’s final crash is unquestionably not on the same desolate country road.

This suggests that their collision occurs later because of the nearby traffic signs, fences, and what appears to be a building.

They appear to be unable to stop, and as the crash definitely occurs after their near collision with Leah and Justin, this raises the possibility that the brakes on the recently restored truck are malfunctioning.

Did Justin make a mistake when repairing the ute? Or was it a deliberate act?

The premise behind Back to the Bay has always been that the gang who targeted the Paratas more easily this year will make a return in the 2022 finale. Are they at fault for the errant car?

As the vehicle strikes the barrier, Felicity veers forward.

Tane, meanwhile, has arrived at the location and is impatiently awaiting his future wife.

Felicity, in a panic, exclaims, “I can’t leave him standing there in front of all those people waiting for me.

The final location of the wrecked car is then briefly visible. It appears to have stopped in a gas station, perilously near to the gas pumps.

Smoke is oozing out of its fully shattered front.

It’s possible that either Eden or Felicity was able to call for assistance because Tane, Gary, and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) have heard about the tragedy.

Felicity is still in the car as the group arrives at the scene but Eden is nowhere to be seen.

Petrol that was spilled ignites suddenly.

Felicity is still inside the car when an explosion occurs, and Tane, Rose, and Gary scramble to get out of the way.

The video ends with a terrifying sequence in which Flick, who is stuck inside her father’s old pickup as flames erupt on either side of it, screams bloodcurdlingly.

Felicity, will you live? What has become of Eden? Has anyone managed to locate Justin and Leah?

Ada Nicodemou is seen in a fan photo shot during the intense scene filming with a bloodstain on her abdomen, indicating that Leah was seriously hurt in her and Justin’s collision. How will she fare?

Although a date hasn’t been set for this year’s finale, based on past seasons, we anticipate it will air at the end of November. The finale aired on Thursday, November 25, 2019, whereas on Monday, November 30, 2020, it was broadcast.


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