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14 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Next Monday, Channel 5’s Home and Away returns from its yearly vacation, and fans can expect a spectacular start to the year.

The Summer Bay drama starts off just where it left off, with poisonous vapours infiltrating Salt and jeopardising Martha’s mental health event attendees.

Here’s a complete list of 14 major events to keep an eye on.

1. Cash reveals the grave threat

While Martha’s mental health crisis continues at Salt, no one notices that hazardous vapours are entering the room through the air vents. Martha is the first to become ill, but she dismisses it as a result of drinking too much champagne. Irene, on the other hand, begins to become unwell.

When Cash notices the vapours coming from the vents, he warns everyone to keep away from them. He instructs Mackenzie to contact 911 so that a HAZMAT crew may sanitise everyone.

In the interim, the building is placed under lockdown since there is a considerable risk of the visitors infecting others if they are permitted to roam freely.

2. Tane is discovered in a horrible state

The first responders arrive on the scene. They come encounter Tane at the gym while looking for the source of the leak. Tane is dragged outside to safety, where Logan and Jasmine attempt to provide first aid.


Logan and Jasmine rush in despite the possibility of getting polluted, putting their own lives at jeopardy in order to save Tane. Tane is carried away in an ambulance after he appears to be stable again.

Irene, Leah, Marilyn, and Martha have also been admitted to the hospital as a result of the gases.

3. Concerns about money Felicity was the culprit

After setting up the chemical sprayer, Tane’s stalker put a rose on him, which Cash notices as he assesses the murder scene. Cash is reminded of Tane’s claims that Felicity was bothering him, and he wonders whether his sister is to blame for this tragic turn of events.

When Cash later sees the amount of people in need in the hospital, he is appalled by the possibility that his sister is to blame.

4. Tane’s life is in jeopardy

Tane passes out in the hospital, but Logan fights to resuscitate his heart. Logan refuses to give up and finally manages to revive him, despite Jasmine’s cautious suggestion that compressions be stopped.

Further tests reveal that Tane was under the influence of a sedative when the stalker attacked, demonstrating how meticulously everything had been prepared.

5. Things between Ari and Mia are strained

Ari and Mia had been working with adoption attorneys all day when they get a call concerning Tane’s death. They rush to the hospital in the hopes of seeing him, but they are forbidden from entering his room owing to the risk of infection.

Mia subsequently receives a call from the adoption solicitors and wishes to speak with Ari about it, but he snarls at her and says he can’t think of anybody else than Tane.

Later, Ari apologises to Mia for being irritable with her. He also proposes that they remove his name from the adoption application because his criminal background is causing complications. Mia is adamant about not thinking about it.

6. Martha’s family and friends are given tragic news

Leah, Irene, and Marilyn are all given the go-ahead to leave the hospital, which is good news for several of the Summer Bay regulars.

Unfortunately, Martha’s condition remains serious. Logan notifies Martha’s family that the poisons have caused damage to her kidneys and lungs, and that they should expect the worst.

7. Chloe and Ryder call it quits

As they’re connected by care for their loved ones, Chloe and Ryder become closer once again. Alf confides in Ryder that he is afraid of losing Martha, which causes his grandson to reflect on how life is too short for trivial quarrels.

Ryder expects to mend fences with Chloe, but is taken aback when she decides to end their relationship. Despite the fact that this is a surprise, Ryder handles the news with maturity and finally accepts that it is time for them to part ways.

8. Nikau is given a jolt

With everyone still reeling from the Bay’s recent drama, Nikau invites Theo to his apartment, where Chloe will be cooking for everyone. Theo makes the mistake of implying that he slept with Chloe after Ryder’s birthday party, which is incorrect.

Nikau is taken aback when Bella tells him about the rumour, and she can’t help but tell the others about it later at the surf club. This causes a tremendous ruckus among Summer Bay’s younger residents, with everyone at odds as a result of Theo’s newest outburst.

Dean tries to stop Bella from storming off as things get out of hand, but she accidently knocks him over, risking exacerbating his current ailments.

When Alf notices the tensions, he confronts the group, accusing them of behaving like infantile fools when patients are still severely ill in the hospital.

9. Felicity looks for an excuse

When Felicity learns that Cash accuses her of being the perpetrator of the current event, she is saddened. She asks her friend Anne for assistance, stating that she was alone at the time of the attack and wants an alibi in case the cops show up.

Felicity’s situation worsens when Nikau approaches her, certain that she was behind the attack on his uncle. Thankfully, Anne backs Felicity up by pledging to provide her a bogus alibi.

10. Theo keeps trying his luck

At the garage, Theo is a horrible employee who irritates Ziggy by failing to pull his weight. Theo is also quite proud of overcharging a consumer by more than $200.

When Ziggy discovers what has transpired, she is enraged and instructs Theo to quickly refund the client, as the garage cannot risk a reputation for ripping people off. Things get much worse when Theo calls in ill to avoid complete his shift.

11. Jasmine discovers an ominous indication

The investigation into the chemical assault is handed over to federal police in Summer Bay. This judgement was taken because the authorities have not ruled out the possibility of a terror-related purpose.

Jasmine is shocked to discover a receipt for chemicals tucked away in her trailer while spending time with Felicity. She seizes the receipt and delivers it over to Cash, emphasising that it is a critical piece of evidence pointing to Felicity’s culpability.

Felicity says that it’s the first time she’s seen the receipt and that it must have been planted when Cash and Jasmine approach her. The pair isn’t sure if she’s speaking the truth or not.

12. Dean accepts Ziggy’s offer of assistance

Dean tells Ziggy about the recent problems at the board shop. Nikau has managed to increase interest in the company by marketing it on social media, but they don’t have enough teachers to handle the influx of new appointments.

Ziggy offers to assist by teaching a few lessons. Dean is unsure if she has time for this additional task, but Ziggy is confident that she will be able to handle it.

13. Nikau and Bella’s relationship might be in jeopardy once more

Bella confides in Ziggy about her recent relationship woes, saying that she hasn’t totally recovered from Nikau’s betrayal. Despite the fact that the pair is again back together, Bella can’t forget how Nikau destroyed her heart.

Bella is afraid that bringing this up may jeopardise her relationship with Nikau, but Ziggy tells her to be honest.

14. Marilyn suffers a shock collapse

Marilyn is afraid as she walks home from the Diner late at night, losing sensation in her legs.

Marilyn passes out as her phone falls from her grip, leaving her unable to communicate with anybody. Marilyn seemed to have been released from the hospital too soon.


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