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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week (May 16 to 20)

Chloe’s attempts to manipulate Bella continue next week on Home and Away.

Rose and Xander, newcomers to the Bay, discuss their future plans, while Theo finally receives the help he requires from his family.

Here’s a complete list of the 12 major events coming up.

1. Chloe makes a commitment

After sleeping together recently, Chloe had a friendly encounter with Theo. When Theo invites Chloe to dinner, she appears eager, but when she sees Bella, she becomes frigid.

Chloe has tried to win Bella’s compassion by pretending that sleeping with Theo was a huge mistake. Recognizing that she can’t be too friendly with Theo, Chloe unwillingly rejects him to focus on her manipulation of Bella.

2. Bella sets limits for Chloe

Bella and Nikau have a lovely meal, but Chloe feels abandoned and accuses Bella of abandoning her. Bella loses frustrated with Chloe, claiming that she has been supporting her for weeks but that she needs her own life as well.

Later, Chloe apologises by bringing Bella a cake. Bella acknowledges the gesture, but she makes it clear to Chloe that her choice to establish some limits remains in place.

3. Dimitri is punched by Theo

When John sees Theo’s aggressive father Dimitri in the Bay, he grills him about why Theo fled home so young. Dimitri is concerned about what John might be implying.

Dimitri later accuses Theo of slandering him. As Theo punches Dimitri in the face, Justin and Leah interrupt the argument, both shocked.

4. The tragic backstory of Theo is exposed

Both Justin and Leah are perplexed as to why Theo attacked Dimitri. John decides it’s time to intervene and tell them the truth about Dimitri’s childhood abuse of Theo.

Both Justin and Leah declare their support for Theo right away. Leah also confronts her brother, who argues that he had no choice but to be harsh with Theo due to his terrible behaviour. Leah refuses to be persuaded, insisting that Dimitri’s actions were abusive rather than punishment.

5. Ryder tries to persuade Mac to have more gaming evenings

Following the success of the first illicit gambling night at Salt, Ryder is on a high. He interrupts Mac’s date night with Logan and tells her she needs to plan something else.

When Ryder suggests that extra four poker nights could be enough to get Mac out of debt, Mac is interested. She agrees to go forward with another gathering, but is caught off guard when a suspicious Logan questions her about it.

6. Logan and Dean’s doubts grow stronger

Logan gets irritated when Mac refuses to reveal any information about what she’s keeping hidden. He switches gears by approaching Dean and seeking his opinion on what Mac is up to.

Dean approaches the typically obnoxious Ryder for information, but Ryder just tells him that Mac has begun organising “themed nights” at Salt. Dean is dubious by this, as he doesn’t understand why themed nights must be kept a secret.

7. Tane influences Felicity

Mac organising another poker night so soon doesn’t sit well with Felicity. She points out that if the gatherings are held too frequently, they will lose their exclusivity, as well as increase the risk of drawing suspicion.

Felicity changes her mind and chooses to back Mac after Tane points out that another poker night may be entertaining for both of them.

8. Mia is concerned about her emotional well-being

Tane invites Felicity to the Parata residence. Mia wanders out of her bedroom, sleepwalking again, as they enjoy a romantic moment on the couch. Tane leads Mia back to her bed.

Tane is disturbed when he receives a call the next morning informing him that Mia has kicked everyone out of the gym. Mia tells Tane that she is concerned about her own mental health in the aftermath of Ari’s death.

9. Mia is thinking about leaving

When Jasmine notices Mia on the beach looking defenceless, she approaches her. She tells Mia that she understands how painful it is to lose a husband.

Jasmine mulls about Robbo’s death, recalling how she had to leave the Bay when it all got too much for her. This gives Mia pause for thinking, and she later informs Tane that she must leave the Bay — with Chloe.

10. Rose tries to win Jasmine over

Rose and Xander join Jasmine for a family brunch. When their late father is mentioned, Jasmine struggles with the thought that Alexander abandoned her while appearing to have a nice life with his other two children.

After realising that Alexander abandoned her, Rose informs Jasmine that she will never forgive him. This may not be enough for Jasmine, who expresses her dissatisfaction with Rose and Xander to Cash.

11. Rose and Xander discuss their options

Xander is able to form a bond with Jasmine because of their shared profession as paramedics. Rose, on the other hand, tries to persuade Xander that they are a negative influence on Jasmine’s life.

Xander and Rose gather their belongings and prepare to depart from the Bay once more. When Jasmine arrives at their caravan, she is disappointed that they were so easily defeated. She invites them to stay so that they can try to form a family.

12. Roo gets some bad news

Martha and Alf are scheduled to return to the Bay from Merimbula, which Roo learns about. She expects further squabbles because she still doesn’t comprehend Martha’s decision to forego the kidney transplant.

As Roo prepares for her parents’ return, she gets a call from Kieran, who informs her that Martha is too sick to travel and would be staying in Merimbula for the time being.


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