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Home and Away spoilers: Roo lashes out, Felicity baby bombshell and Dana kidnapped

Fans of both teams should anticipate a lot of drama next week.

When Marilyn offers Roo cake and her arm for a conversation, she is ruthlessly turned down. Marilyn and Alf conclude that Roo’s dissatisfaction stems from Marilyn’s failure to pay her a visit. However, Roo makes it apparent that she holds Marilyn accountable for her injuries when she appears to set things right.

As Roo rejects Marilyn’s apologies and demands that she leave the hospital, Marilyn’s attempt to mend their bond with her is unsuccessful. In contrast, Roo expresses gratitude to Mali for saving her life when she visits him afterwards.

In another scene, Tane has a serious talk with Felicity and mentions how his recent trip to New Zealand opened his eyes to how fast his newborn relatives are growing up. However, Felicity only sees warning signs because she is against having children and doesn’t want to have this debate.

Felicity rushes to interrupt Eden and Remi’s writing retreat after telling Tane she’s required at work. Tane tells Felicity that the big conversation he intended to have was actually about the two of them moving to New Zealand, not about having babies.

Tane keeps trying to convince Felicity that they should purchase a piece of property in New Zealand. He clarified that there is a patch that is ideal for them and is within their budget. After giving it some thought, Felicity determines that Tane’s location is her home, and if it happens to be New Zealand, she may imagine herself relocating there.

Harper, across the harbour, demands greater urgency when Cash says they won’t be able to meet with anti-corruption until the following week. Harper scrambles to conceal the fact that she has been housing a wanted person under Irene’s roof when Irene unexpectedly returns home.


As all of this is going on, Detective Madden shows up at Cash’s house to confront him, but their position suddenly changes. Then Madden shows up at Irene’s door, requesting to drive Harper to the train station.

However, Irene orders him to provide a warrant or leave. Later, Irene announces that the girls had best start chatting as she breaks through Harper’s door and spots Dana.

Cash affirms Harper and Dana’s innocence while questioning them, but he also warns Irene that she is breaching the law if she keeps Dana in her care. He clarifies, though, that if she turns Dana in, she would be imprisoned for an act she did not commit.

Irene informs the girls that they are welcome to stay at her home, even if it means breaching the law, as it has always been a haven for those in need. Detective Madden plots with another dishonest police officer, Fletcher, who has been watching Cash.

After obtaining the necessary warrant, they storm into Irene’s home and take Harper into custody. Dana comes out as wanting to protect her sister, so she takes off with the dishonest police officers. Harper, Irene, and Cash are shocked to learn that Detective Madden, Fletcher, and Dana never showed up when they all meet at the station to intercept.


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