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Detail in rare photo of Home and Away star James Stewart and twin brother Nicholas stuns TMS host Kylie Gillies

Host of The Morning Show Kylie Gillies is in disbelief at a detail in a rare photo of James Stewart and his twin brother Nicholas from Home and Away.

On Thursday, James and co-star Ada Nicodemou made an appearance on TMS to talk about their captivating new kidnapping plot on the well-liked Channel 7 drama.

After talking business for a while, Kylie and co-host Larry Emdur decided to pull a surprise for the audience.

According to Kylie, they had sifted through the couple’s “family albums” and found some never-before-seen old pictures of Ada and James.

The most astounding images, though, were of James and his twin brother Nicholas.

The same two were seen looking straight at the camera in one picture with cute bowl-cut hairdo.

Another picture showed them together as older guys, with their hair styled long and adopting a similar hands-in-pocket stance.

As the pictures appeared, Larry made a joke, asking, “Were you the naughty one or the cool one because there’s always a naughty one.”

Yeah, James said, “we switched.”

We traded all the time. We laid blame on one another.

Let me just say that most people experience a period of dorkiness. Once again, the screen displayed James and his brother enjoying long hair and a bohemian atmosphere. “I’m not seeing your dorky phase,” Kylie exclaimed.

Larry chuckled, “We’re only halfway through the photos.”

At that moment, an absolutely stunning picture appeared, leaving Kylie looking shocked.

Kylie explained to James, “You and your brother are twins, which people may or may not realise.”

But your girls practically seem like twins, and you both have girls. Observe this picture!

In fact, the picture in question featured Scout, James’ daughter from his divorce with Jessica Marais, smiling with her uncle, dad, and cousin Grace.

Yes, their separation is roughly 14 months. James said, “The girls have the same DNA in them because Nick and I have the same DNA.”

It has to do with science. I won’t get into it, but don’t they look precisely the same?

Kylie thought it was “just crazy,” too.

“I was like, ‘Wow,’ when I saw that picture. Did they always have the same appearance even as children?

James acknowledged that they were “very similar and like two peas in a pod.”

James talked more on how fast his daughter was maturing and how she is no longer a “daddy’s girl” in other parts of the interview.

What’s really great is that she’s beginning to follow her own path,” he remarked.

“She is maturing so fast and making wise decisions, and I love that, but I think I need to let go a little bit more.”

It was just recently that Scout made her first red carpet appearance with her dad, which demonstrated just how much of an adult she had become.

James looked dapper in a black suit while Scout, 11, wore a black sleeveless dress and strappy shoes to the Wicked: The Musical opening night in Sydney.

“I can now understand why all of my friends said @wickedinoz was one of the best shows ever—congratulations to everyone involved!” At the moment, James posted on Instagram.

Remarkable! Funny, endearing, gorgeously green, and amazing!

Notably, Scout’s first red carpet was actually a green carpet! Haha! đź’š

Fans were astounded by Scout’s mature appearance.

One fan said, “Oh wow, Scout has grown up so much since I saw her last.”

“Jamie, you’re a wonderful father; congratulations from the bottom of my heart!”

“You two look amazing,” another person commented.

A third said, “Growing up so fast papa 🥰🙏.”

“Wicked is wonderful,” a follower exclaimed, “She’s the perfect mix of both parents and unique still herself isn’t she!”

Stewart revealed that his young daughter was considering a career in entertainment as a way to follow in his footsteps in a recent interview with 7Life.

He disclosed, “She’s started… not directing me but kind of giving me some advice.”

He went on to say that Scout gave each character in Home and Away a unique voice, naming a few: Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou), Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons), and Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher).

According to the father, his daughter is not interested in “song and dance acting” and has her sights set on the big screen.

He remarked, “We do a lot of stuff together because she’s becoming more curious about things and more independent.”

Every week, she amazes me.

“I love how she’s begun to really flex her own curiosity.”


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