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Neighbours newcomer Chelsea Murphy vows to replace Terese Willis

Next week, Neighbours newcomer Chelsea Murphy will be continuing her scheme, hoping to draw inspiration from Terese Willis.

Cara Varga-Murphy’s charming sister Chelsea is trying to win Paul Robinson over, and she can’t take her eyes off of him.

In Monday’s (January 22) episode, Chelsea gave Paul a business pitch and persuaded him to begin offering her perfume brand as a unique guest experience in the Lassiters hotel rooms.

Chelsea rehearsed writing her name as “Mrs Chelsea Robinson” during a moment alone, giving Paul the impression that she had a much larger hidden objective than Paul’s curiosity.

Chelsea tries to get more alone time with Paul the following week, but his hectic schedule frustrates her.

When Chelsea notices Paul get sidetracked by his ex-wife Terese, she too becomes agitated.

Never one to turn down a chance, Chelsea chooses to try and have a better understanding of her rival before trying to do business with her.

Chelsea gets the helpful information she needs from this talk before giving herself a Terese-style makeover.

Chelsea purchases the same perfume as Terese, mimics her movements, and even adopts her sense of style.

As the businessman approaches Chelsea, Paul detects the familiar perfume aroma and Chelsea thinks her plan is working.

Sadie Rodwell, however, stops Chelsea before she can ask Paul out, pointing out that she hasn’t been paid for her labour on the perfume pop-up booth Chelsea had set up at Lassiters.

Can Chelsea regain her composure and resume her strategy now that she feels ashamed in front of Paul?

These scenes will be aired on Monday, January 29 on Neighbours.


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