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Neighbours December Spoilers – Elly returns and Christmas arrives

It’s time to embrace the Christmas spirit as Neighbours has published the next round of spoilers and images for episodes that air till Thursday, December 21.

It’s time for Christmas and some amiable returnees to lift Ramsay Street’s spirits, as the bombshell revelations from Flashback Week continue to reverberate across the neighbourhood.

In addition, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) dons a Santa suit to offer a distinct and hesitant kind of holiday cheer.

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The two weeks of episodes, from Monday, December 11 through Thursday, December 21, are covered by the most recent spoilers.

The next two weeks will be filled with drama as we follow Byron (Xavier Molyneux) as he struggles following Reece’s (Mischa Barton) departure, the ‘Save our School’ campaign going awry, Dex (Marley Williams) and JJ (Riley Bryant) trying to get their mothers back together, and David (Takaya Honda) receiving an exciting new job offer from Krista Sinclair (Majella Davis).

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Additionally, Nicolette (Hannah Monson) confronts her ex-girlfriend Chloe (April Rose Pengilly), Wendy (Candice Leask) and Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will) approach a breaking point, and Michelle Scully (Kate Keltie) makes an unexpected comeback.

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Let’s move on to the plans for mid-December.

Anticipate more secrets to be revealed, a devastating choice for Chloe, the reappearance of Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) and Elly Conway (Jodi Gordon), and Haz gaining the incorrect idea about Byron and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone).

Furthermore, is Melanie’s (Lucinda Cowden) persistent presence making things impossible for Toadie and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) as Toadie (Ryan Moloney) is left shocked by strong memories?

On Monday, December 11th (Episode 8952 / 49), Byron is rudely awakened.

Chloe must make a terrible choice.

Paul gets challenged in the Holiday Market.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Paul Robinson dons a Santa suit and the people of Ramsay Street celebrate the arrival of Christmas in Erinsborough.

While some people wholeheartedly embrace it—Chloe as an elf, for example, and the couple in love, Haz (Shiv Palekar) and Holly (Lucinda Armstrong-Hall)—Aaron (Matt Wilson) can’t stand to take off his Hawaiian shirt.

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Mackenzie is shown in the photos staring at Haz and Holly’s kiss, looking dejected. She had been crushing on Haz since before we moved back to Ramsay Street in September, but she never got around to telling him. When he eventually dated her best friend, she realised it was too late.

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A startling new image purports to show Mac getting near to Byron. Reece, Byron’s girlfriend, recently went back to the US, although it was expected that she would return.

Are the intimate photos proof that Byron and Reece will be splitting up off-screen?

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Could Chloe’s recent talk with her ex-girlfriend Nicolette have anything to do with the episode spoilers, which hint at a tragic decision for Chloe?

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Before Nicolette fled the country last year with David and Aaron’s newborn child, the couple had a brief engagement.

It was the last straw in their problematic relationship, and Chloe has since started dating Elly. But now that they’re back in each other’s sphere, what lies ahead for Chloe and Nicolette?

And what terrible choice did Chloe make?

In addition, Santa abruptly withdraws from the Lassiters Christmas Fair, forcing Paul Robinson to step in…

Tuesday, December 12, 50 (Episode 8953)
Haz makes snap judgements after observing anything improper.

Jane and Terese travel through uncharted land.

Cara and Remi learn a disturbing reality.

Following their apparent intimate moment in Monday’s programme, Mackenzie and Byron are seen in Number 32’s shared bedroom in Tuesday’s pictures.

As Byron sits on the floor, on the edge of tears, Mackenzie reads a note. Then, Mac joins him and puts her arm around him.

Given that Mischa Barton’s tenure on Neighbours is coming to an end, we can only presume that Reece is the sender of the note and that their romance has ended.

Will Haz, though, draw the incorrect inference and think that his two roommates have gotten together?

In the Thursday, December 7th episode, “Terese has a surprising proposal for Jane.” A few days later, the two sit in No. 22’s kitchen and seem to be poring over building blueprints.

As they talk about their alternatives, things appear heated.

Are the two former rivals and lifelong friends going to team together over Erinsborough High and Eirene Rising?

Finally, just when Cara (Sara West) and Remi Varga-Murphy (Naomi Rukavina) seem to have moved past their rivalry with the Rodwells and become comfortable on Ramsay Street, they learn a disturbing truth about a beloved Neighbour.

December 13, Wednesday (Episode 8954 / 51)
After a startling discovery, Holly is now in danger.

Toadie is left reeling from intense memories.

Elly Conway, a familiar figure, is back in Erinsborough.

Elly has returned to the current day after travelling from Sydney to see Chloe. She was last seen in the scenes from one and two years ago during Flashback Week.

December 14, Thursday (Episode 8955 / 52)
Elly and Chloe make a choice that alters their lives.

Unexpectedly, Wendy’s employment dilemma has a bright spot.

On the street, tensions rise following a shift in the dynamics.

After his return from vacation, Karl examines his daughter’s relationship critically.

In today’s episode, Chloe’s lover Elly Conway returns to the city, but shortly after Chloe was spotted conversing with Nicolette at the Lassiters Christmas party, the two must make a decision that will change their lives.

What does it imply for the two of them that Chloe is now employed at Lassiters Erinsborough after taking a leave of absence from her position at the hotel’s Sydney branch?

On Monday, December 18th (Episode 8956 / 53), Paul develops a new obsession.

Nell’s birthday presents unforeseen difficulties.

A well-known face reappears with an astonishingly altered form.

December 19, Tuesday (Episode 8957 / 54)
Some feathers are fluffed by a familiar face back in town.

Holly is overcome by her feelings.

Elly and Chloe reevaluate their future plans.

December 20, Wednesday (Episode 8958 / 55)
Holly learns the hard way that decisions have an impact on other people.

Erinsborough is shocked by the revelation.

Terese and Jane made a good impression.

Over the course of the week, Leo (Tim Kano) will also appear; leaked images from Freevee show him chatting to Paul at Lassiters.

But since the character will still mostly be in the background, it makes sense that the upcoming episode synopses won’t mention him at all 🤷‍♂️

Fans of Leo may relax, though, as he will begin to contribute more to the proceedings in the coming months.

Although Leo plays a supporting role for now, Tim Kano teased romance for his character in an interview with Back to the Bay earlier this year.

Tim clarified, “The first few months are supportive.” “As a result of all the other things going on, I believe Leo’s only purpose in life is to support and take care of his family, which is a truly beautiful thing to witness. There are a lot of other things going on.”

“Leo is undoubtedly about to embark on an incredibly thrilling romantic endeavour. We’ve only recently begun to explore it, so I’m not sure where it will lead. It also has a strong connection to Mischa’s character [Reece Sinclair].

“Yes, it’s been a really exciting and interesting time, and I’m eager to see where it takes Leo.”

December 21, Thursday (Episode 8959 / 56)
Terese and Jane must make a moral choice.

A flashback tempts Byron to do something.

Paul is alone for Christmas, and Aaron feels sorry for him.


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