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Home and Away spoilers: New trailer reveals murder and horror stunt

For the time being, Home and Away isn’t on our screens, but those of us who are missing it may at least glimpse what’s in store once the drought is over.

Summer Bay returns with a bang – and there’s a lot going on,
In the Bay, a ‘no-one-expected’ murder will upset the town — but who will die?

Meanwhile, a graveyard trick goes horribly wrong, and a police car crashes. It’s been a typical few weeks in the Bay.

Theo and Ryder devise a plot to have Ryder buried alive, their most daring stunt yet, in which he climbs into a coffin-like box and is buried beneath the dirt.

What’s the worst that might happen? Ryder begins to worry underground as Theo is struck unconscious in an accident, feeling he has been abandoned.

Can he be located in time as the stakes rise?

Meanwhile, Martha is in the hospital following a series of frightening occurrences, and Roo has a major offer for her – but is Martha willing to take such a big risk and sacrifice?


Matthew is adamant about mending fences with a sour Chloe, who refuses to accept him as a father figure. But, in order to win her over, how far will he go?

Tane and Felicity are facing an uncertain future as a result of recent events and the stress brought on by stalking allegations, but what’s next for the couple?

Ari proposes to Mia, while Ziggy and Dean are ecstatic about what’s to come, screaming, ‘We’re back, baby!’

One resident, however, will not return because of an unexpected murder that has left numerous residents disturbed.

Who is the murderer and who is the victim?


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