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Ryder Jackson and the man behind him, Lukas Radovich

Every Australian’s favourite show, Home and Away, has a special place in their hearts. Every night, approximately a million people tune in to watch the popular soap opera, which has broken ratings records since its debut in 1988.

It follows the citizens of Summer Bay, a fictional New South Wales community, as they experience love, challenges, and heartbreak.

Home and Away wouldn’t be complete without its changing ensemble of colourful people, which has sparked essential talks about hard themes like rape, coming out, and alcoholism.

Ryder Jackson, for example, has created quite a stir with his interesting demeanour and heartfelt backstory. Lukas Radovich, a lovely rookie to television with amazing acting abilities and a whole lot of cuteness, plays him.

Prepare to have your heart stolen because we’ve got all the details on Ryder and his appearance on Home and Away, as well as an inside look at Lukas’ life.

The Stewart Clan

When Home and Away first aired in 1988, it focused mostly on the life of the Fletcher family.


The show has been on the air for a long time, and the majority of the original cast and characters have left as their careers progressed.

Alf Stewart and his daughter Roo Stewart, played by Ray Meagher and Georgie Parker, are the only remaining characters from the original cast.

Alf Stewart’s family and life have been the show’s backbone since 2010.

Summer Bay’s Ryder Jackson’s Place

Fans of the show wondered about Ryder Jackson’s goals and agenda after he joined the Summer Bay community in 2017.

His first appearance on the show was when he was caught stealing from a surf shop by VJ and Hunter.

He was then taken to Alf, who chose to reveal that he was Alf’s long-lost grandson. Quinn Jackson, Alf’s estranged daughter, is said to be Ryder’s father.

Alf and Roo first didn’t trust him, and Ryder’s denial of providing them Quinn’s number, as well as his theft of money from Alf, didn’t help his case.

Ryder Jackson’s tenure at Summer Bay is primarily focused on stitching together his relationship with his family. While Quinn was on a cruise, Ryder ran away from boot camp to look for his grandfather.

Quinn assured Alf and Roo that he’s always had nightmares when they saw Ryder having one one night.

Ryder’s irregular sleeping habit has devastated Quinn’s life, she told Alf and Roo. As a result, Ryder stormed out and stole Alf’s car, colliding with Roo and putting her to the hospital.

Quinn eventually agreed to let Ryder stay in Summer Bay since he knew Alf and Roo could provide him with the care he needed.

Coco Astoni, Raffy Morrisson, and, most recently, Chloe Anderson have all been love interests for Ryder throughout his time in Summer Bay.

Lukas Radovich: An Introduction

Lukas Radovich, a Faulconbridge native, has been acting since high school. Since then, he’s attended Australia School for Vocal Performance and performed in Bye Bye Birdie, The Sound of Music, and Grease with the Blue Mountains Musical Society.

He also studied acting at the WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts), where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Acting, joining Hugh Jackman and Tim Minchin as alumni. With that kind of acting experience, it’s no surprise he landed a role on Home and Away!

Lukas has also appeared in Shakespeare by Night, a one-night-only presentation of hand-picked Shakespeare scenes. “I enjoy playing Shakespeare, so applying was a no-brainer for me.” He said, “The rest of the cast was great, and I couldn’t wait to see what they came up with.”

Lukas has found meaning in his life outside of acting by founding Your Mouth Collective in 2015.



Fast Facts About Lukas
What is Lukas’ age? 26

How tall is Lukas? 188 cm

Where does Lukas live? Sydney’s Inner West

Is Lukas single or taken? Lukas has been very private about his personal life. As of now, we have no clues who Lukas is dating.

What are Lukas’ hobbies? He goes hiking whenever he goes home to Blue Mountains.

Has Lukas starred in other TV shows/films? Yes. Lukas has starred in a comedy film called Hens Night.

Does Lukas have an Instagram profile? Yes. Follow him at @lukas.radovich


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