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Neighbours theory: Ned Willis’ exit storyline unveiled as betrayal finally exposed

Ned (Ben Hall) will be leaving Neighbours in the coming weeks, after it was announced he would be leaving the show before the news emerged that the weekday serial drama had been canceled. Despite being in a relationship with Amy Greenwood, he has started to develop feelings for Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan), the woman he slept with earlier this year (Jacinta Stapleton). In subsequent scenes, he will be faced with a major decision, but it appears that no matter what he does, he will be forced to quit the Channel 5 serial.

After weeks of deliberation, Ned will eventually select Amy over Harlow in this week’s episodes.

Despite his belief that he can be happy with Amy, the heartthrob still has feelings for Harlow, and it appears that his secret of sleeping with Paul Robinson’s (Stefan Dennis) granddaughter would be revealed in subsequent moments.

It could all be because to Corey Smythe-Jones (Laurence Boxhall), who has lately joined the program as Harlow’s new love interest.

Harlow attempts to make things work with Corey while having feelings for Ned and knows that nothing can happen.

Sadly, she later tells her partner that they can no longer be together because she doesn’t believe they have any chemistry.

Corey takes the news extremely well, perhaps too well, because he understands Harlow’s motivations for ending their relationship.


Paul’s granddaughter believes this will be the last time she sees him, but he decides to stay on Ramsay Street for a while.

The young woman is perplexed as to why he is still hanging around and has not returned to London, but she is unaware that he is hiding anything.

The visitor will be revealed to be a member of The Order, a cult that ruined Harlow’s mother’s life.

Harlow will be completely unaware of his plans for her when she is pulled back into Ned’s arms.

Harlow tries to cheer up Ned, who is stressed out about the fashion week preparations at Lassiters.

The young woman assures him that everything will be alright, and he pays attention to her, which he hasn’t always been able to do with Amy.

Corey encourages Harlow to declare her affections to Ned so they may be together once and for all.

She is hesitant to do so because she knows her love interest is in a relationship with Amy and believes he is dedicated to her.

Despite her reservations, she appears to be drawn to the heartthrob, and by the end of the week, the sexual chemistry is evident.

What neither of them realizes is that the mics may be turned on when they begin to communicate about their feelings for one another.

This implies that everyone on the complex can hear what they’re saying, including the fact that they slept together.

Finally, their secret would be disclosed, and Amy would realize that her boyfriend had deceived her earlier this year during their brief break.

If this is the reason her boyfriend and Harlow have been acting strangely around each other, the fashion designer would be upset.

It would all make sense, and Amy, who has always been mistreated by men, would warn Ned that there is no turning back now.

As a result of the sorrow they’ve created, Harlow may begin to doubt whether she and her love interest can have a future together.

Despite the fact that they would be able to be together for the first time, Paul’s granddaughter understands they would never be able to settle down on Ramsay Street.

With nothing left to entice him to stay in Erinsborough, Ned could advise that he and his love interest depart for forever and begin a new chapter together.

Unfortunately, Harlow will have to decline Ned’s offer to leave with him because her family lives on Ramsay Street and requires their presence at this time.

This means Ned will be traveling on his own, and Harlow will be heartbroken to learn that she won’t be able to accompany him after all this time.

Jemma, who plays Harlow, has previously spoken out about why her character left to London a few weeks ago and her feelings for Ned.

“I believe she flees to London because her mind is completely jumbled about Ned,” Jemma explained.

“They’ve been in the family, not officially related, but he’s always been like a brother figure to her, which is probably why they got so close because they talk about a lot of stuff,” says the author.

“One thing leads to another, and she suddenly discovers that she is developing feelings for him.” He’s also had this thing with Amy, so I believe she’s perplexed.

“I believe she simply requires some time to figure out what she wants and possibly to sort herself out before committing to anything.”

But, if Ned leaves on his own, will she have all the time in the world to ponder what might have been?


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