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Neighbours theory: David Tanaka to exit as he’s sent to prison for life

On Neighbours last month, David (Takaya Honda) struggled with guilt over his role in the death of Gareth Bateman (Jack Pearson), as he and Freya Wozniak (Phoebe Roberts) left the man to die after the crimes he committed at River Bend. No one knows what the two did right now because they’ve been meticulously covering their tracks, or so they thought. Someone has been blackmailing them in recent scenes on the Channel 5 soap, but they can’t seem to find the mysterious figure lurking in the shadows, so they decide to confess their sins.

The drama will continue in next week’s episodes, when the blackmailer demands money from David and Freya, who do not have it.

Freya turns to her estranged brother Zane Wozniak (Oli Pizzey-Stratford), who is joining the cast as a guest actor, for help.

The newcomer, undecided about whether or not to give his sister the money, is persuaded by Freya’s emotional plea for assistance.

The nightmare appears to be over for the couple, and Freya’s relationship with her brother appears to be on the mend, but the problems do not end there.

David decides to key his car in an act of vengeance, believing his stalker, Dean Covey (Travis Cotton), is the blackmailer.

When David confronts Dean again, he realizes he has done the wrong thing, and his stalker has no idea what he is talking about.

David and Freya both tell their boss Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) about what they did, knowing they have become paranoid and need to get rid of their deadly secret.

Not long after, the pair is interrogated by the cops, and Levi Canning (Ritchie Morris) is shocked to learn that his love interest Freya has been lying to him.

When the authorities question them about why they left Gareth to die, they are shocked to learn who their blackmailer is.

Despite their desire for justice for the suffering they’ve endured, it appears that it may be a case of too little, too late.

Their loved ones offer them a lot of support because of what they’ve been through, but Levi is stuck in his ways.

He finds it difficult to forgive Freya for keeping secrets from him once more, revealing their lack of trust.

Despite facing difficulties in their personal lives, David and Freya are forced to retreat in order to defend themselves.

They are both advised to use the fact that they have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder since the events at River Bend, now that they have lawyers on their side.

Legal counsel advises them that if they plead this way, they may be able to walk away from their situation as free people.

Viewers will have to wait and see if this defense is sufficient to keep them out of prison or if they will spend a long time behind bars.

Although Freya may be able to walk free because she was held half-hostage by Gareth, the courts may not be so kind to David.

They could claim that despite knowing Gareth was the one who beat his husband Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) half to death, he should have acted professionally.

David should have put his personal feelings aside and treated Gareth like any other patient in the hospital, according to the judge.

Because of his prejudice against his husband’s assailant, the judge could sentence David to life in prison for murder.

David, like his brother Robert Robinson (Adam Hunter), appears to be a serial killer, as he had every intention of torturing Gareth.

Robert is currently serving a life sentence in prison, and his younger brother appears to be joining him.

This would mean the end of the beloved character, as the doctor would have no time to redeem himself in the coming months.

On Monday, August 1, 2022, the final episode of Neighbours will air, so these scenes of David going to prison could be his final ones.

Tanaka, who plays David, addressed what the future holds for his alter-ego when asked about this new direction for his character.

“I don’t think anyone could foretell what’s going to happen,” the soap actress told Inside Soap. The audience, like David, will be thrown for a loop by what happens.

“I’ve always wanted this Breaking Bad kind tale,” he stated in another interview with What To Watch.

“What situations might cause David to make decisions that bring him closer to his ancestor, Paul Robinson’s son?”

“He used to look at Paul and Leo and think to himself, ‘I don’t know why you guys do this, just do the right thing!’ It’s something he’s done in a lot of different situations.

“It will undoubtedly raise the question of who David is and what lies beneath the surface of the David we’ve known all along.”


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