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Neighbours star Richard Huggett reveals Glen’s panic as Barbara arrives

When Barbara Durant arrives in Erinsborough, Richard Huggett’s character Glen Donnelly is terrified.

Kiri’s mother Barbara will pay a surprise visit to the vineyard in upcoming Neighbours episodes, with the former (who also happens to be Glen’s long-lost daughter) eager to present her to everyone on site.

Glen, on the other hand, avoids Barbara on deliberately for fear of the truth being out.

“Glen is determined to stay away from Barbara at any costs!” Inside Soap spoke with Huggett about it.

“He’s hiding the entire time she’s in Erinsborough because he can’t be in the same room with her.” I believe Glen informed Barbara that he would never contact Kiri, but now they’re all together.

“Glen has been making excuses for the entire week.” To stay one step ahead of Barbara, he tells Kiri that he’ll be having dinner with Paul [Robinson] or that he’ll be needed at work. Barbara is only here for a few days, so Glen is hoping to avoid her until she departs.”

Glen’s lies eventually catch up with him, and Nicolette Stone decides to find out what he’s really up to.


“Nicolette takes the initiative and begins probing him.” Nicolette thought Glen was creepy and had a thing for Kiri at first. He lied his way out of it, but she isn’t going down without a fight,” the actor added.

“Even I’m worried about Glen now that Nicolette is on the case; she’s fantastic!” As a result, Glen is very concerned!”


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