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Home and Away’s steamiest affairs – caught stark naked to X-rated s*x tape hell

On Home and Away, things are heating up between Cash and Jasmine.

Cash admitted to his partner that he still feels like a guest at home after the couple had moved in together, and he was left feeling awkward.

He subsequently admitted that it was living with Irene, not Jasmine, that was making him nervous, and Irene went on to lay down the law, telling Cash that he was free to be himself and suggesting that the three of them walk around in their underwear until he calmed down.

It’s not impossible that the writers will put this into practise, resulting in an illicit romance developing between unlikely people.

In honour of the occasion, we take a look back at some of the show’s sexiest moments, from being caught on camera to an unwitting s*x video.

Shocking s*x tape

Robbo and Kat’s s*x tape couldn’t have been more of a forbidden love story if it tried, despite the fact that the two were together at the time.

In 2018, Robbo was taken aback when villain Novak revealed that he was a hitman hired to assassinate his on-screen girlfriend Kat, claiming that he had lost his memory and had forgotten his shady past.


To keep an eye on the building, he was compelled to install security cameras in the flat, which accidently recorded the couple getting X-rated on the sofa, with the whole incident being shot by a concealed camera.

Despite the fact that Robbo was later tried and imprisoned for his previous crimes, Kat was murdered in a vehicle accident together with her unborn child, leaving Robbo sad and injured beside her.

It was caught on camera

Colby Thorne and Taylor Rosetta were also photographed getting cosy in 2020, so Robbo and Kat aren’t the only Home and Away couple who have been caught off guard.

Taylor’s husband Angelo was leading the investigation into Ross Nixon’s murder, and Colby was trying to stay ahead of it.

However, things between the two quickly turned hot, and Taylor eventually chose to end the relationship after several Summer Bay locals became aware of the affair.

When Colby tried to fight for their relationship, claiming his feelings had become genuine, she was taken aback, and a suspicious Bella began following them around like rabbits, desperate to catch them at it.

Bella eventually caught the couple having a racy snog on the beach and warned them to call it quits.

The raunchy trio

When Home and Away premiered one of its raunchiest promos ever on Breakfast TV in July 2020, it made headlines all over the world.

The commercial aired during Australia’s morning show, The Morning Show, at a time when many families were eating their first meal of the day together.

Tane Parata and Mackenzie Booth’s relationship was heating up at the time, and the teaser featured plenty of photos of a shirtless Tane enduring the coolness of a frigid outdoor shower.

Mackenzie couldn’t stop herself from biting her lower lip before Tane served them at a cafe – yet all Mackenzie wanted from the menu was a piece of the hunk.

The two were about to get down and dirty in the kitchen fridge when Mackenzie’s friend came naked to interrupt them, informing Mackenzie, “Busted!”

Split toxic

Ziggy Astoni was upset when she discovered her husband Brody Morgan was cheating on her before finding true happiness with Dean Thompson.

Brody had planned to tell Ziggy everything after falling in love with Simone Bedford, but he waited too long, and Ziggy caught them both in the act.

When Ziggy arrived, the duo had been having fun in Simone’s caravan, and he was shocked to discover them both virtually naked beneath the sheets.

Thankfully, Ziggy discovered her true love in Dean, who also happens to be actor Sophie Dillman’s off-screen spouse Patrick O’Connor.


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